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I am an active horsewoman. I ride, train, and show horses on a regular basis. Is there any reason I can’t go back to these activities after back surgery? I am having a disc and part of the bone removed.13 years 42 weeks ago1470
I am an avid exerciser. Now I'm pregnant, and I want to keep working out. Is that OK, even late in my pregnancy? Are there exercises I shouldn't do?17 years 44 weeks ago2263
I am eight months pregnant. The pain in my lower back is excruciating. What can I do to ease the pain?17 years 44 weeks ago2260
I am going to have a metal plate put in my back during spine surgery. I've heard that bodies sometimes reject implants. Could this happen to me?17 years 44 weeks ago2166
I am going to have spine fusion surgery. The surgeon is going to put metal screws and rods in my back. Will they stay there forever?17 years 44 weeks ago1808
I am going to have spine fusion. Will I be able to walk right after surgery?17 years 47 weeks ago2043
I am going to have surgery for a bulging disc. My doctor wants to do a procedure called IDET. What is IDET?17 years 47 weeks ago2142
I am having back problems. How will the doctor examine my spine?17 years 48 weeks ago42412
I am in nursing training and have taken a few anatomy classes. I know the nerves from the spinal cord control strength and sensation in the legs. How does a bulging disc pressing on the L5, S1 nerve cause leg weakness around the knees? Are the muscles of the knees controlled by the L2 to L4 nerves?13 years 13 weeks ago1558
I am planning to have back surgery to fuse my spine for a moderately severe scoliosis. The doctor told me that sometimes the surgery is not successful. How often does the surgery have a poor result, and what causes this?16 years 43 weeks ago1540
I am planning to marry a man who has a medical condition called syringomyelia. Is this something that will get worse over time? What should I expect to happen?11 years 43 weeks ago1573
I am scheduled for a spinal fusion in two weeks. As part of the preliminary work-up, my surgeon ordered bone scans and blood tests to look for osteoporosis. I'm worried now that if it turns out I have osteoporosis they won't do the surgery. Is that possible?9 years 21 weeks ago1922
I am the mother of two teenagers, a girl (15 years old) and a boy (13). I notice that my daughter seems to have back pain much more often than my son. This does not seem to be related to her menstrual cycle. Is this common?16 years 44 weeks ago1965
I chose to have a spinal fusion using my own bone for the graft. Now I'm wondering if I made a mistake. My back pain is much better but the pain where they took the bone is very painful. Is this common?12 years 25 weeks ago1573
I don't have any back problems, but almost everyone in my family does. What exercises can I do to keep my back healthy?17 years 47 weeks ago2022
I fell through my attic and landed on concrete so hard, two of my vertebrae burst. That was six months ago. I'm recovering slowly but now the X-rays show the vertebrae are starting to curve more. The doctor called this kyphosis. No one seems to be able to tell me how bad this will get. What do you think?11 years 6 weeks ago1715
I get a deep ache when my therapist gives me ultrasound treatments on my back. Should I just put up with it?17 years 39 weeks ago1733
I had a baby months ago, but my back still hurts. What can I do about it?17 years 44 weeks ago1872
I had a car accident six months ago. My doctor tells me I'm completely recovered, but I'm still not moving normally. Will this stiffness and change in movement ever get better?14 years 45 weeks ago1421
I had a disc removed from the L4-5 disc space. The bill came back saying they sent it to the lab. That was an extra charge. Is this really necessary? It's just disc material.12 years 46 weeks ago1869
I had a discectomy three years ago. An MRI shows everything looks fine back there. The surgeon thinks I may have developed some scar tissue that doesn't show up on an MRI. Would surgery to clean out the scar tissue help relieve my pain?11 years 31 weeks ago1963
I had a failed spinal fusion. We used bone graft from a donor bank. Why didn't it work?11 years 29 weeks ago1603
I had a herniated disc removed at L34. Turns out they took the wrong one. How can this happen in today's modern world of technology? I had X-rays and MRIs done and they clearly showed where the problem was.12 years 34 weeks ago1791
I had a long spinal fusion about six months ago. They took X-rays last week that didn't really show the fusion site clearly. Should I go some place else and have them taken again?10 years 14 weeks ago1822
I had a nerve block last year that was supposed to put a stop to my chronic back and leg pain. The procedure itself was very painful. But once the nerve was numb, I felt much better. Now I need another injection. The surgeon is going to use ultrasound to guide the needle. This is supposed to be a pain free process. Is it really?9 years 5 weeks ago3785
I had a spinal fusion with these new fangled cages that are supposed to dissolve about the time the bone graft heals. Just about how long does it really take for the body to absorb this device?11 years 43 weeks ago1615
I had back surgery to remove some damaged discs and fuse my spine at L45. At the time, I was living in Colorado. Now I've moved to California to be with my adult children. The back pain never really went away. My kids have insisted that I see a doctor here for the problem. But the primary care physician doesn't seem to have any answers either. Should I keep looking?10 years 31 weeks ago1643
I had microdiscectomy surgery on my low back. Will I be more likely to injure this area from hard work, and will my risk of injury get better or worse with time?16 years 45 weeks ago1886
I had some spine surgery that required using bone from my hip. I'm having so much pain from that part of the operation. I never imagined it would be so bad. Is this a common problem?11 years 8 weeks ago1532
I had surgery on my back to remove a tumor. It turned out to be a herniated disk in an unusual area. Doesn’t the MRI show the difference between these two?13 years 42 weeks ago1566

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