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I hurt my back at work several weeks ago and every time I think it's getting better and make plans to go back to work, my back gets worse. My boss wants me to go back but I'm afraid that I will just hurt my back again or worse. How can I convince him that I'm not ready?9 years 9 weeks ago3417
I hurt my back six months ago and still haven't fully recovered. The doctor has put me on medication for depression even though I don't feel sad or depressed. How is this going to help me?16 years 45 weeks ago1650
I hurt my back while on the job. I never missed a day of work, but it’s been an uphill battle because of the pain. The doctor wants me to see a physical therapist for an exercise program. I’m having trouble fitting this into my schedule. How often do I need to go?13 years 43 weeks ago1608
I injured my back at work six months ago. After surgery and rehab, I’m back on the job. I’m having trouble with balance and my job requires climbing ladders. Is this connected to my back problems?13 years 23 weeks ago1427
I just came back from a preop visit with a nurse from the surgery center where I am scheduled for back surgery later this week. It's supposed to be a simple decompression technique. They say I'll get antibiotics right before the operation in case of infection. How well does this work and how often do infections occur? I'm thinking about cancelling the surgery. The last thing I need right now is another medical problem.9 years 14 weeks ago1960
I just came back from my follow-up visit with the neurosurgeon who put my spine back together after a bad accident. There are 12 screws holding my vertebrae together. Some of the screws look like they are poking out of the bone. Should I be concerned? Will this cause problems later on?11 years 13 weeks ago1498
I just came off of jury duty where the case involved a man who had spine surgery. He developed an infection from the operation. The key point of the case was that the patient was at too great a risk to have this surgery. Does this happen very often or was this a rare situation?11 years 38 weeks ago1441
I just found out that I'm pregnant. Are there any exercises to keep my back from hurting later in my pregnancy?17 years 45 weeks ago1834
I just got a phone call from my brother saying that Mother is in the hospital. Surgery is planned for a pathological fracture of her spine. What kind of a fracture is that? What kind of surgery is done?11 years 18 weeks ago1455
I just graduated from high school and plan to attend college in the fall. I hurt my back at the end of the track season, but everything seems fine now. I received a college sports scholarship in women's track and field. Is there any reason to notify the college sports program about this injury?16 years 45 weeks ago1699
I just had the muscle strength in my back and legs tested. I was much weaker than I expected. Could the back pain I have off and on cause this or is it something else?13 years 13 weeks ago1503
I just learned of butterfly vertebrae and I was wondering how this happens.10 years 8 weeks ago2189
I just started hormone replacement therapy. A friend told me that the extra estrogen in my system could give me back problems. Is this true?16 years 45 weeks ago1746
I just started working in an orthopedic clinic with patients who have had car accidents. Most of them have some kind of neck or back pain. They are supposed to fill out a survey with information about their health. There are questions about alcohol and other drug use. We also ask about previous number of car accidents and past history of neck or back pain. Is there any way to tell if the information is really accurate? It seems like this would be important information to have when planning our treatment protocol.10 years 41 weeks ago1497
I know disc replacements have been around for a long time. How come they are so much more popular now?13 years 21 weeks ago1642
I know I have a condition called ankylosing spondylitis. I'm interested in keeping track of my progress. What can I do to tell for sure if I'm getting better or worse?11 years 36 weeks ago1415
I know that both neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons perform specialized spine surgeries. What are the potential differences between the two in terms of training?16 years 46 weeks ago1652
I know that patients with low back pain can get depressed and/or anxious. Do depression and anxiety cause patients to have more pain with physical activity? And do mental health issues limit activity?16 years 45 weeks ago1649
I met a man at the airport who couldn't pick up something he dropped on the floor. He said his spine was fused and he couldn't bend over anymore. Why would someone need a spinal fusion?11 years 47 weeks ago1531
I need some kind of treatment for back pain that will reduce my pain. I also need to be able to move freely to perform my job. Should I see a doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist?14 years 46 weeks ago1635
I notice whenever I go to the chiropractor, I feel better after a couple of days. But the first 24 to 48 hours I'm always so stiff and sore. Is this the way everyone feels after an adjustment?11 years 12 weeks ago1630
I noticed at a recent bridge party that half of the women there had a dowager's hump, that hump at the top of the spine. Most of us are nearing 80. Why do some people develop a hump and others don't?17 years 29 weeks ago1980
I overheard the physical therapists at our hospital saying they can tell which back and neck patients will get better and who won't. Is this really possible?11 years 14 weeks ago1504
I read a report that said back injuries are more common in people who do not like their jobs. Does this same principle apply to the sports world?16 years 45 weeks ago1678
I recently hurt my back at work and went to see my doctor. The doctor told me to avoid bed rest and keep active. What kind of activity is best?16 years 45 weeks ago1713
I recently hurt my low back. Now the pain flares up every time I try to get going again. Could I be trying to do too much?16 years 45 weeks ago1655
I retired last year after a long and happy career with the U.S. Forest Service. I've been surprised that my neck and back pain haven't gone away. I always assumed it was related to my job lifting and hauling wood products and heavy loads. Why do I still have back pain if I'm not working?10 years 40 weeks ago1541
I saw a before and after MRI of my herniated disc. The surgery I had was a nucleoplasty where the surgeon just took out the middle of the disc. But the after picture showed there was still a protrusion of the disc in the same place as before. Fortunately, my symptoms were improved. How do you explain this?10 years 47 weeks ago1656
I saw a news report that doctors can use computers now to surgically fuse the spine. How does this work?14 years 50 weeks ago1471
I saw a science program about finding a substitute for bone. What’s wrong with using the real thing? Why do we need a substitute?13 years 22 weeks ago1456

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