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I've been in industry for 40 years now. It used to be if you got hurt, you stayed on the job no matter what. Then for a long time, people just retired early on disability. Now I see workers are coming back to work again after an injury. What controls these swings back and forth?11 years 17 weeks ago1747
I've been learning core stabilization exercises for my back. It's supposed to help reduce my back pain. Each exercise starts with me sucking in my stomach but without holding my breath. What's the point of this exercise? How does it work?11 years 12 weeks ago1443
I've been looking into getting a disc replacement for a back problem I've had for 10 years. I've been told more surgery might be needed after that. How likely is a second operation after a disc replacement? What would it be for?13 years 48 weeks ago1377
I've been seeing a chiropractor all my life for adjustments of my neck and back. Now I see reports that this can have serious risks. I've never had a bit of trouble. Just what are they talking about?11 years 11 weeks ago1463
I've been seeing a physical therapist recommended to me because she is trained in the McKenzie technique. I went on-line and read in Wikipedia about the fellow who started this method. But I couldn't really find any place that explained why this method works any better than other approaches.9 years 5 weeks ago3195
I've been told that even if I have a herniated disc removed, it can herniate again. How is that possible?10 years 51 weeks ago1518
I've been told that steroid injection into my spinal joints could help relieve me of some of my back pain. I'm not really in favor of it. My husband says it can't hurt and maybe it will help. What do you think?10 years 26 weeks ago1488
I've been told to expect some possible pain along the top of my pelvic bone where the bone will be collected to use in my spinal fusion. Are there any other problems to watch for?12 years 2 weeks ago1351
I've been tracking my own progress from before to after surgery for chronic back pain. I hurt myself at work, so I'm on Worker's Comp. But I fully intend to get back on the job, so I don't want to be labeled as a shirker. But I have noticed something about myself I can't quite figure out. I am better after the surgery but I'm less satisfied because I'm not completely better. Am I just finding excuses not to go back to work? I don't want to believe that about myself but maybe that's why I feel worse than I am. This seems like such a muddle.9 years 4 weeks ago3501
I've decided to set up an exercise program for myself. I'm going to get rid of this nasty back pain I've been living with for months once and for all. But I'm not really an expert in this area. What are some back exercises I can do to at least get started?10 years 23 weeks ago1483
I've had a total hip replacement and can no longer squat down to pick things up. I've always been told to squat, not stoop to lift things. Is this still true?11 years 24 weeks ago1497
I've had back and sacroiliac joint pain off and on for the last six months. The doctors finally diagnosed it as ankylosing spondylitis. They want to do MRIs to see what's going on in the low back area. What do MRIs show that you can't see on an X-ray?10 years 1 week ago1980
I've had back pain on and off for five years now. Why won't it go away?17 years 47 weeks ago1855
I've had crystal deposits in my knee that had to be removed. Now I'm having disc problems. Could this be caused by crystals too? And what causes these to grow in my body?11 years 19 weeks ago1642
I've had two disc herniations. The first one came on slowly over a couple years. The second one hit me suddenly. One day I was fine, and the next day I was off my feet in agony. Can you explain the difference?15 years 2 weeks ago1475
I've heard of new treatments for compression fractures in the back, something about injections. What are some of the side effects or problems associated with the treatment?11 years 33 weeks ago1403
I've heard of scoliosis in kids, but not in older adults. My mother was just diagnosed with this problem. How come it's developing all of a sudden in a 70-year old woman?10 years 12 weeks ago1681
I've heard that it's important to lift objects the right way, but what's the right way to lift?16 years 44 weeks ago1596
I've heard that more and more back surgery is done without even cutting open the spine. How does this compare to the old way of doing back surgery?13 years 40 weeks ago1415
I've heard that the new balloon treatment for spine fractures can cause heart attacks. Thank goodness this didn't happen when I had mine done last year. But if I should ever need this treatment again, what should I watch out for?10 years 35 weeks ago1566
I've heard the inside of a spinal disc is made of a jelly kind of substance. What's really in it?15 years 2 weeks ago1534
I've heard there are certain words people use to describe back pain that's really an emotional response to their problem. If I said my pain is "extremely bothersome" would I fall into that group?13 years 18 weeks ago2169
I've seen several people using magnets for their back pain. Is there anything to this? I would sure try it if I thought it would help.12 years 23 weeks ago1321
I've used NSAIDs off and on for my arthritis with pretty good results. If I have surgery to remove a herniated disc, can I take my unused prescription for pain after surgery?10 years 50 weeks ago1498
If an abnormality in your body doesn't cause any problems, why spend time diagnosing it? Or even researching it? My brother had to have a back x-ray for a problem and his doctor told him that he had butterfly vertebrae but that's not causing the pain. So?10 years 7 weeks ago1899
If back injuries and back pain are so common, why doesn't the medical community do more to educate the public?10 years 47 weeks ago1454
If someone has a curve in the spine, other than how they look, why is it important to straighten it out?11 years 11 weeks ago1605
If someone has pressure on the nerves in the spine, can they be permanently damaged?10 years 2 weeks ago2171
If there are two or three different ways of doing a surgery on my back, and the doctors know that one is better than the other, why would a doctor choose the one with a lower success rate over the other?11 years 11 weeks ago1455
If you think you're going to have a bad result does it mean it will happen? My wife is going to have disc surgery and already thinks it won't help. Can pessimists have a good result?12 years 24 weeks ago1484

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