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In my exercise class, we are often on hands and knees trying to balance on one leg and one arm. I find if very hard to keep my back straight when doing this exercise. Is this true for everyone or do I have some specific weakness?13 years 42 weeks ago1503
Is ankylosing spondylitis associated with intestinal problems?16 years 45 weeks ago1717
Is it better to brace yourself for a car accident or remain relaxed and unknowing?14 years 4 weeks ago2054
Is it possible for osteochondromas to spread, or become malignant?10 years 27 weeks ago1655
Is it possible to recover from total subluxation of the spinal column?10 years 20 weeks ago1668
Is it really possible to have pain going on 10 years from a disc problem?13 years 44 weeks ago1698
Is it really true that spinal fractures can be treated without surgery? That's the report we heard on our mother's recent fall and fracture. Does it just heal on its own?10 years 35 weeks ago1522
Is it really true we are taller in the morning than in the evening?13 years 35 weeks ago1729
Is it safe to accept bone from someone else for a spinal fusion? And why can't a family member donate his or her bone like blood donations?9 years 8 weeks ago3438
Is it true that an implant for pain control requires surgery every year to replace the battery? I don't want to get into that! Isn't it possible in today's advanced technologic world to somehow recharge the batteries and avoid unnecessary surgery?9 years 31 weeks ago2292
Is it true that humans are taller in the morning than we are at night? If so, why?13 years 18 weeks ago1549
Is there a significant risk of mortality following vertebral compression fracture?10 years 15 weeks ago1533
Is there any attempt at making low back pain studies more uniform among researchers?10 years 49 weeks ago1442
Is there any way to know for sure whether I'll get good results from spine fusion surgery?16 years 45 weeks ago1702
Is there any way to predict whether or not I can return to work if I have a disc removed in my back?13 years 22 weeks ago1445
It is a new school year, and that means choosing a new backpack for my child. What's the best design to help her carry heavy loads each day?16 years 44 weeks ago1602
It seems I'm always bending forward at work, and I'm worried about the effects on my low back. How much rest does my back need to keep from getting injured?16 years 49 weeks ago1674
It seems like surgery can be done with the smallest incision these days. But my neighbor had a spinal fusion and ended up with a long scar along the side of her spine. Was that really necessary?13 years 13 weeks ago1455
It seems like we're hearing more and more about children having back pain. How often does this really happen?16 years 42 weeks ago1532
It seems logical that it would make more sense to do two surgeries at the same time, so why is that only being studied recently in terms of people with scoliosis and other back issues?11 years 3 weeks ago1499
It seems with computers and all the advanced technology available, a simple thing like back pain could be cured. What’s the hold up?13 years 22 weeks ago1400
I‘m on worker’s compensation for a work-related back injury. The doctor’s report mentions disability and impairment. What’s the difference between these two things?13 years 37 weeks ago1452
I’m a bit of a science buff. After having my spine fused last year, I’ve been following all the studies on spinal fusion. I heard about a new manmade substitute for bone used in fusions. What is this called?13 years 22 weeks ago1467
I’m going to have an operation to remove a bulging disc. How does the doctor do this?13 years 42 weeks ago1563
I’m going to have back surgery to remove two discs. I’ve heard different advice about restricting my activities after the operation. What’s the latest on this?13 years 42 weeks ago1526
I’m single Mom with three small children to support. I can't afford to take time off from work. Right now I have sciatica so bad, I can't wait tables at my job. Is there some kind of quick in-and-out surgery that could be done for someone like me?11 years 19 weeks ago1484
I’m the owner of a medium-sized company that makes boxes. What’s the latest thinking about work-related injuries? Should workers be given treatment right away or more of a “wait-and-see” approach?13 years 42 weeks ago1726
I’ve heard that steroid injections are bad for you. When is it okay to have one for neck or back pain?13 years 22 weeks ago1521
I’ve heard there’s a new device that can help bone regrow after spinal fusion. What can you tell me about this?13 years 22 weeks ago1592
Last night I got a telephone call from a health company doing a telephone survey. Usually I don't take these kinds of calls, but maybe I should. Are these companies really making a difference with their research?16 years 45 weeks ago1648

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