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I've always had excellent health and no back problems. Everyone else at work had back pain but not me. Now I've had some unexpected back pain myself. I'm freaked out that I won't get better. Is there any way to tell who will or won't get over it?never11913
My back started hurting last week. What exercises should I avoid?17 years 48 weeks ago19809
My back hurts when I lay down, and I can't get any sleep. Would a special mattress help me?17 years 48 weeks ago57600
I have back pain. Are there any symptoms I should watch out for that mean I should get medical help right away?17 years 48 weeks ago11711
I am having back problems. How will the doctor examine my spine?17 years 48 weeks ago42412
Do doctors use lasers for spine surgery?17 years 47 weeks ago3550
My back is really hurting. Should I just stay in bed?17 years 47 weeks ago2275
Why is good posture important for my back and neck?17 years 47 weeks ago2004
I don't have any back problems, but almost everyone in my family does. What exercises can I do to keep my back healthy?17 years 47 weeks ago2022
I have a desk job. How can I lower my chances of having back problems from sitting down all day?17 years 47 weeks ago2249
I have so much back pain. How do I get through my day?17 years 47 weeks ago2037
I am going to have spine fusion. Will I be able to walk right after surgery?17 years 47 weeks ago2043
I am going to have surgery for a bulging disc. My doctor wants to do a procedure called IDET. What is IDET?17 years 47 weeks ago2142
I'm recovering from my first episode of back pain, and I'm worried. I've heard that back pain always comes back. What can I do to try to prevent that?17 years 47 weeks ago2035
I'm resigned to living with back pain. How can I keep it from getting worse?17 years 47 weeks ago1979
I've been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. How fast can I expect my pain to increase as my discs degenerate?17 years 47 weeks ago1991
I've had back pain on and off for five years now. Why won't it go away?17 years 47 weeks ago1855
My young daughter wants to compete in gymnastics. Will it hurt her low back?17 years 47 weeks ago1833
What is a discogram?17 years 47 weeks ago2248
What is arachnoiditis?17 years 47 weeks ago2316
A disc in my low back is causing pain. I'm scheduled to have a surgical procedure called interdiscal electrothermal therapy. Will this surgery make my back weaker?17 years 46 weeks ago3673
I have intense pain going down my leg. I have tried everything to make it go away--multiple back surgeries, strong pain medications, and almost every kind of pain management treatment possible. My doctor is recommending an epidural stimulator. What is it?17 years 44 weeks ago2109
I have pain in my lower back caused by spondylolisthesis (slipped vertebrae in the lower spine). I will be undergoing fusion surgery, and I've been doing some research on the procedure. I've read that some doctors like to use a pedicle screw. Would a pedicle screw improve my results after surgery?17 years 44 weeks ago2295
I just found out that I'm pregnant. Are there any exercises to keep my back from hurting later in my pregnancy?17 years 44 weeks ago1834
I am an avid exerciser. Now I'm pregnant, and I want to keep working out. Is that OK, even late in my pregnancy? Are there exercises I shouldn't do?17 years 44 weeks ago2263
When will I finish physical therapy--when my back pain goes away?17 years 44 weeks ago1800
What is epiduralysis? My doctor is recommending it to me. I have had three back surgeries and have developed problems from all the scar tissue.17 years 44 weeks ago2367
I have just finished a physical therapy program for my back. But my therapist wants me to keep doing exercises at home. How long do I have to keep this up?17 years 44 weeks ago1841
I am going to have spine fusion surgery. The surgeon is going to put metal screws and rods in my back. Will they stay there forever?17 years 44 weeks ago1808
I have bad back pain. Do I need surgery?17 years 44 weeks ago2069

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