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I had a baby months ago, but my back still hurts. What can I do about it?17 years 49 weeks ago1881
I am eight months pregnant. The pain in my lower back is excruciating. What can I do to ease the pain?17 years 49 weeks ago2274
I'm pregnant, and my doctor says I have swayback posture. Does this mean I'll have back problems while I'm pregnant?17 years 49 weeks ago1973
My fusion surgery didn't heal right, and the pain is excruciating. My doctor says I have pseudarthrosis. What is it, and what can I do about it?17 years 49 weeks ago1825
I am going to have a metal plate put in my back during spine surgery. I've heard that bodies sometimes reject implants. Could this happen to me?17 years 49 weeks ago2178
My doctor insists that I quit smoking before I have spine surgery. Why?17 years 49 weeks ago1663
My hand feels numb, and my arm isn't as strong as it used to be. My husband thinks this is a pinched nerve. Is he right?17 years 44 weeks ago1703
Why doesn't my therapist just run the ultrasound along the center of my back, where the pain is?17 years 44 weeks ago1732
I get a deep ache when my therapist gives me ultrasound treatments on my back. Should I just put up with it?17 years 44 weeks ago1743
I noticed at a recent bridge party that half of the women there had a dowager's hump, that hump at the top of the spine. Most of us are nearing 80. Why do some people develop a hump and others don't?17 years 33 weeks ago1997
I was a horse-racing jockey for 10 years and never had an injury. I quit the sport, but now I'm having a lot of pain in my low back. Is this normal?17 years 31 weeks ago2058
My dad and I both race horses, which we've heard can be hard on your back. He thinks I'm more at risk for back problems because I have less experience racing. I say he is because he has older bones. Who's right?17 years 31 weeks ago1743
My daughter recently joined an equestrian team. I don't mean to be a worrywart, but I've heard that horseback riding can lead to back problems later on. Is my daughter at risk?17 years 31 weeks ago1661
Does low back pain affect kids?17 years 29 weeks ago2283
Several months ago, I began having pain in my low back. Now I have pain from my lower back all the way up to my neck. Could this back and neck pain account for my tiredness lately?17 years 17 weeks ago1581
Our hospital is thinking of buying equipment to help nurses lift and move patients, but it's a big investment. Does this equipment really help nurses' backs?17 years 8 weeks ago1575
Do special devices to help lift and move patients result in fewer injuries for nurses?17 years 8 weeks ago3383
Our hospital is looking to buy more patient handling equipment. Is there a difference between manual and mechanical equipment in terms of preventing back problems for health care workers?17 years 8 weeks ago1583
My doctor says there's less of a chance that I'll get good results from spine surgery because I smoke. He thinks the bones in my spine may not grow together properly. Is there any way to get a better outcome, save quitting?17 years 2 weeks ago1613
My doctor said there's a natural protein that helps healing after spinal surgery. Is this a nutritional program?17 years 2 weeks ago1512
My doctor wants to use electricity to help my spine heal after fusion surgery. How does this work?17 years 2 weeks ago1639
My doctor explained that keeping my spine bent forward at work can cause the tissues to lose tension, and lead to injury. I thought tension in your back was unhealthy. When is tension good?17 years 2 weeks ago1605
It seems I'm always bending forward at work, and I'm worried about the effects on my low back. How much rest does my back need to keep from getting injured?17 years 2 weeks ago1693
I hurt my back at work last month. Now I am seeing a physical therapist for exercises. Will I have to do these exercises for the rest of my life?17 years 2 weeks ago1783
I know that both neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons perform specialized spine surgeries. What are the potential differences between the two in terms of training?16 years 50 weeks ago1663
I'm scheduled to see a spine surgeon next week. It sounds like I might need surgery. What are some questions I should ask to make sure I don't end up having a surgery I don't really need?16 years 50 weeks ago1638
Is ankylosing spondylitis associated with intestinal problems?16 years 50 weeks ago1728
Is there any way to know for sure whether I'll get good results from spine fusion surgery?16 years 50 weeks ago1711
My doctor is trying to figure out whether I'll get good results from spine fusion surgery. He wants to try an external fixation device on me. He says if I get relief from this, I'll probably do well with surgery. Is he right?16 years 50 weeks ago1538
What is external fixation, and how does it work for low back pain?16 years 50 weeks ago1514

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