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My father just had an operation called a vertebroplasty for a fractured vertebra. After the doctor explained this procedure, I wondered why they can't put this cement in Dad's other weak bones and prevent another fracture from happening. Can this be done?11 years 31 weeks ago1244
What is multi-disciplinary rehab? My doctor wants me to take this kind of treatment for my low back pain. What is it exactly?12 years 45 weeks ago1288
My daughter came home with a note from the school nurse saying she might have scoliosis. We're supposed to take her to the doctor's and have it checked out. Where can I go on-line to get more information first?13 years 2 weeks ago1290
My mother-in-law is insisting that she wants surgery to fuse her spine in a straight position. Mom has always had a mild case of scoliosis. It seems to be getting worse as she gets older. What do you recommend?11 years 16 weeks ago1292
My mother is in the hospital with an infection that developed about a week after her spine surgery. We are trying to make plans for where she should go after she's discharged. What can we expect to happen with treatment? How soon can she get out of the hospital?10 years 51 weeks ago1295
My wife has a condition called syringomyelia. Over the years it has gotten worse and now she has scoliosis, too. She's finally decided to have surgery to fix the problem. Will the scoliosis go away after surgery?11 years 43 weeks ago1303
My mother is getting up there in age. She's starting to have some back pain from degenerative arthritis of the spine. Both her doctor and her physical therapist have told her to start walking more. She says it hurts too much. How can we help her get started?11 years 32 weeks ago1303
My child was diagnosed with spondylolysis. What kind of treatment is proven most effective.11 years 2 weeks ago1303
My father was just diagnosed with a spinal epidural abscess. What's the best treatment for this? They think he got it from an abscessed tooth.12 years 10 weeks ago1306
My brother had spine surgery to fuse two bones together. They used a new bone growth protein called BMP. He swelled up so bad, he had to go back to the hospital. Why would they use this BMP stuff if it's going to have such a bad result?11 years 43 weeks ago1307
Two years ago I had a spinal fusion. The fusion is fine but the place where they took bone from my pelvic bone for the graft is still very painful. Is this normal? Will it ever go away?13 years 40 weeks ago1308
My father fell from a ladder last week and broke his back in two places. He doesn't want to have surgery and insists he will be fine. What will happen if he refuses treatment?11 years 34 weeks ago1310
The last time I had back pain, I heard the doctor use the term "conservative treatment." What does that mean?11 years 18 weeks ago1310
My doctor showed me the little titanium cage that will be inserted when my disc is taken out. There were at least three different sizes and shapes of cages. One was tall and thin. The other was short and more like a ring. Why are they so different?11 years 12 weeks ago1311
There are six people listed in our phone book who do acupuncture. They all advertise a different type of acupuncture. What kind should I get for my chronic low back pain?13 years 35 weeks ago1312
What is "nonspecific" back pain? That's what the doctor says I have. I can tell where and when it hurts so that seems pretty specific to me.12 years 44 weeks ago1313
My doctor wants me to try a feedback program to help get my muscles working properly. This might help me with my back pain. How does it work?11 years 12 weeks ago1314
My doctor prescribed a drug for my nerve pain that seems to be helping. But I'm also starting to get other symptoms I didn't have before. Some of these are as annoying as the pain. What can I do about this?11 years 25 weeks ago1316
When doctors suggest surgery for your back, do they ever take into account how much money it's costing because of the suffering and our inability to work?11 years 11 weeks ago1318
My father has some kind of neurodegenerative disorder that's very painful. The doctors say the nerve cells are turned on and got stuck in the on position. If they can be turned on, why can't they be turned off?11 years 25 weeks ago1319
I've seen several people using magnets for their back pain. Is there anything to this? I would sure try it if I thought it would help.12 years 23 weeks ago1321
My medical provider has said my back pain is now chronic. What makes my back pain chronic?10 years 49 weeks ago1321
I'm going to have a neck fusion next week. The surgeon will use bone chips taken from my pelvic bone. I've been warned that there may be some pain at the donor site. What about the place where the bone chips go -- won't there be pain where they put the graft?12 years 2 weeks ago1325
My husband hurt his back on the job and still hasn't fully recovered. His doctor checked him over and suggested he "stay active." He's supposed to see a physical therapist for a "mini-back school." What does that include?12 years 31 weeks ago1326
What is a rescue medication? When I talked to my doctor about flareups of my back pain, this idea was mentioned.11 years 49 weeks ago1326
What happens with compression fractures in the back and do they have to be treated?11 years 33 weeks ago1327
My husband and I have two sets of twins (our own). All four babies weighed less than four pounds each. They are in good health now, but does their small size put them at risk for more diseases in adult life?14 years 45 weeks ago1328
My wife was just diagnosed with a severe vertebral compression fracture. Except for the fact that her pain level is high, what makes for a "severe" vertebral fracture?12 years 29 weeks ago1329
My wife had spine surgery that went well but later she developed a bad infection next to the bone. The wound has never healed, and the surgeon is suggesting a new treatment called VAC. What can you tell me about it?11 years 37 weeks ago1329
My wife had spine surgery to remove a disk. The hospital bill shows she had one day of antibiotics. Is this a mistake? Aren't antibiotics taken for 10 days?12 years 34 weeks ago1330

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