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Back Protection when Faced with Sudden and Shifting Loads14 years 49 weeks ago1920
Back Surgery, the Movie--Coming Soon to a Surgeon's Office Near You18 years 1 week ago2888
Benchmark Results Obtained to Compare the Success of Spine Fusion16 years 13 weeks ago1791
Best Way to Monitor Neurologic Function During Cervical Spine Surgery10 years 48 weeks ago2227
Biting the Bullet to Avoid Going under the Knife17 years 40 weeks ago1969
Blood Clots and Spine Surgery14 years 47 weeks ago2753
Boeing Test Model Used to Measure Results of Spinal Fusion14 years 41 weeks ago1766
Bothered by Back Pain14 years 49 weeks ago1942
Bracing After Spine Surgery: Is It Really Needed?9 years 46 weeks ago9905
Bracing for Scoliosis: 22 Years down the Road15 years 15 weeks ago1876
Breathe, and Lift16 years 34 weeks ago2228
Bringing Home the Back Pain15 years 12 weeks ago2006
Cagey New Spine Fusion Techniques Packed for Success16 years 13 weeks ago1845
Calcium Crystal Deposits in the Disc11 years 24 weeks ago4764
Case Report of a Rare Spinal Injury15 years 3 weeks ago1900
Case Report of Rare Spinal Tumor11 years 41 weeks ago2027
Cementing the Spine15 years 19 weeks ago3040
Charging Up the Spine after Fusion Surgery16 years 8 weeks ago1926
Chronic Pain Patients Need a Breakthrough12 years 6 weeks ago1802
Clinical Guideline for Antibiotic Prophylaxis Effective Tool for Surgeons10 years 2 weeks ago3840
Comparing Spine Fusion with and without Growth Factors15 years 15 weeks ago1754
Comparing Thought and Action in Patients with Low Back Pain15 years 12 weeks ago1700
Comparing Two Diseases Affecting Bones: Osteoporosis and Spine Osteoarthritis15 years 42 weeks ago1746
Comparing Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty for Vertebral Compression Fractures10 years 40 weeks ago2035
Complaints of the Arm, Neck, and/or Shoulder Common in the Open Population10 years 45 weeks ago2386
Computers and Medical Research15 years 19 weeks ago2057
Conservative Surgery Spares Bowel and Bladder Function9 years 40 weeks ago6297
Controlling Back Pain with Change in Attitude and Behavior12 years 37 weeks ago1687
Core Stability: What is It?13 years 18 weeks ago1808
Cost of Adverse Events with Spinal Cord Stimulation12 years 23 weeks ago1784

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