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Finding a Substitute for Autologous Bone Graft11 years 8 weeks ago2008
Identification of Target Sign and Diagnosis of Schwannomas11 years 9 weeks ago3009
Should Spinal Fusion Be Done in One or Two Stages?11 years 11 weeks ago3469
Risk Factors and Complications After Posterior Fusion for Scoliosis11 years 14 weeks ago2007
Evidence Lacking for Treatment of Adult Scoliosis11 years 16 weeks ago1911
Calcium Crystal Deposits in the Disc11 years 19 weeks ago4732
When Surgery is Valuable for Herniated Disc11 years 19 weeks ago2071
Predicting Results With Neuroreflexotherapy for Neck and Back Pain11 years 22 weeks ago1925
Patients with Chronic Lower Back Pain Just as Active as People without Back Pain11 years 23 weeks ago1698
Untreatable Pain From Osteoporosis Fractures May Be Controlled with Constant Morphine Injection to Spine11 years 27 weeks ago1906
Greater Improvement in Neck and Back Pain After Naprapathic Therapy11 years 28 weeks ago1656
Update Alert: ASIPP Releases 2007 Pain Management Guidelines11 years 28 weeks ago2164
Identifying Schwannomatosis in Patients with Multiple Tumors11 years 29 weeks ago2170
New Model for Treatment Decisions in Cancer Patients with Spinal Tumors11 years 29 weeks ago1855
Review of Current Bone Graft Materials11 years 29 weeks ago1898
Data Collection Needed for Less Common Cancers11 years 30 weeks ago1723
Injection With Cement Compound Reduces Pain, Improves Function in Patients With Vertebral Compression Fractures11 years 33 weeks ago1917
Case Report of Rare Spinal Tumor11 years 36 weeks ago2017
Using Vacuum-Assisted Closure with Spinal Wound Infections11 years 37 weeks ago1798
VAC System Used to Treat Spinal Wound Infection11 years 37 weeks ago2312
Obesity Linked to Problems in Spine Surgery11 years 40 weeks ago1856
MRI Detects Spinal Tuberculosis11 years 46 weeks ago2245
Chronic Pain Patients Need a Breakthrough12 years 1 week ago1794
Rare Complication After Spinal Surgery12 years 3 weeks ago1947
Protocol For Treating Spinal Metastases After Tumor Removal12 years 3 weeks ago1683
Review of Treatment Options for Osteoporotic Spine Fractures12 years 12 weeks ago1658
Update on Treatment of Spondyloarthropathy12 years 14 weeks ago1717
Three New Alternatives to Spinal Fusion12 years 15 weeks ago2060
Spinal Cord Stimulation Hardware: The Next Generation12 years 18 weeks ago1834
Measuring the Benefit of Neck or Back Surgery12 years 18 weeks ago1633

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