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Cost of Adverse Events with Spinal Cord Stimulation12 years 19 weeks ago1778
A Working Definition of Disc Degeneration12 years 20 weeks ago2002
Physical Therapists Increase Use of Spinal Manipulation for Back Pain12 years 23 weeks ago1706
Sagittal Rotation Leads to Sagittal Translation in Ankylosing Spondylitis12 years 30 weeks ago1583
Controlling Back Pain with Change in Attitude and Behavior12 years 33 weeks ago1676
Right Patient, Right Site, Right Surgery12 years 35 weeks ago1879
Unusual Case of Spinal Synovial Cyst12 years 36 weeks ago2498
Update on the Source of Facet Joint Pain12 years 36 weeks ago1653
New and Improved Treatment for Spinal Arthritis12 years 45 weeks ago1633
Spine Surgeries on the Rise in the U.S.12 years 45 weeks ago1687
Routine Lab Test After Disc Removal Advised12 years 47 weeks ago1599
Doctors Review Scoliosis-Related Web Sites13 years 2 weeks ago1672
Review of New Bone Substitute for Vetebral Fractures13 years 2 weeks ago1655
Core Stability: What is It?13 years 13 weeks ago1799
Medical or Alternative Treatment for Back Pain?13 years 21 weeks ago1680
Simple Approach to Simple Back Pain: Simply Exercise13 years 21 weeks ago1628
Advice or Exercise? The Low-Cost Way to Stabilize Your Back13 years 27 weeks ago1775
Of Muscles, Posture, and Back Pain13 years 27 weeks ago1682
New Report on Safety of Kyphoplasty13 years 27 weeks ago1597
Recovery after First-Time Back Pain13 years 28 weeks ago1638
Treating Chronic Back Pain: What Works Best?13 years 28 weeks ago1645
New Findings about Spondylolysis in Young Athletes13 years 28 weeks ago2442
Teenagers, Spine Fusion, and Heavy Metals13 years 28 weeks ago2153
Getting to the Center of Back Pain13 years 30 weeks ago1774
Disc Removal: Some or All?13 years 31 weeks ago1894
The Long and The Short of Spinal Fusion13 years 31 weeks ago1923
Don't Bend and Lift after Sitting for Hours13 years 31 weeks ago1599
Back Pain Electric13 years 39 weeks ago2237
Predicting Future Episodes of Back Pain13 years 39 weeks ago1594
Equating Satisfaction and Results after Spine Fusion Surgery13 years 39 weeks ago1668

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