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First Trial of Radiation to Reduce Scar Tissue around Spinal Nerves15 years 12 weeks ago1891
Fitting the Worker to the Workplace15 years 14 weeks ago1652
Five Key Questions in Diagnosing and Treating Ankylosing Spondylitis10 years 6 weeks ago5124
Fixing Severe Spine Fractures in Aging Adults14 years 49 weeks ago1698
Follow-up on Total Disc Replacement13 years 44 weeks ago1697
For Back and Neck Pain, an Ounce of Prevention Is Worth--Almost Nothing?17 years 43 weeks ago1891
For Elders, Lifting Can Be a Real Pain in the Back17 years 39 weeks ago1847
Fragile Breakthrough: Spine Clinics Urged to Combat Osteoporosis16 years 10 weeks ago1641
Gender Differences Make a Difference when Lifting16 years 9 weeks ago2034
Gender, Osteoporosis and Vertebral Compression Fractures10 years 20 weeks ago2539
Get a Trade-in for Your Old, Worn-out Disc16 years 35 weeks ago1823
Getting Kids Back to Health with Physical Activity15 years 2 weeks ago1693
Getting the Straight Story on Scoliosis Surgery17 years 43 weeks ago2048
Getting to the Center of Back Pain13 years 34 weeks ago1785
Getting to the Core of Back Pain14 years 2 weeks ago1786
Getting to the Nerve Root of Spinal Pain15 years 37 weeks ago1786
Golfers, Learn to Backhand Back Pain14 years 46 weeks ago1970
Greater Improvement in Neck and Back Pain After Naprapathic Therapy11 years 33 weeks ago1666
Gunshot Fragments Can Lead to Lead Poisoning14 years 40 weeks ago2588
Identification of Target Sign and Diagnosis of Schwannomas11 years 14 weeks ago3020
Identifying Schwannomatosis in Patients with Multiple Tumors11 years 34 weeks ago2189
Importance of Recognizing Back Pain that Requires Specialized Care10 years 13 weeks ago3550
Index for Spine Surgery May Be Helpful When Deciding Surgical Approach10 years 12 weeks ago3998
Injection With Cement Compound Reduces Pain, Improves Function in Patients With Vertebral Compression Fractures11 years 38 weeks ago1929
Is 80 Too Old for Back Surgery?13 years 43 weeks ago2704
It Takes a Village to Carry a Backpack16 years 50 weeks ago2053
Joint Looseness May Explain Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy16 years 8 weeks ago1711
Kids, Backpacks, and Back Pain14 years 46 weeks ago1848
Long-Term Results of Treatment for Burst Type Spinal Fractures11 years 11 weeks ago2445
Looking Closely at the Muscles along the Spine14 years 40 weeks ago2603

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