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Is 80 Too Old for Back Surgery?13 years 39 weeks ago2691
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Opens Up Options13 years 39 weeks ago1656
Follow-up on Total Disc Replacement13 years 39 weeks ago1687
Trunk Exercises With and Without a Swiss Ball: Does It Make a Difference?13 years 40 weeks ago1604
Back Pain in Alpine Ski Instructors13 years 40 weeks ago1930
Update on Artificial Disc Replacement13 years 40 weeks ago1691
Creepy Findings about Repetitive Use of the Spine13 years 41 weeks ago1727
Surgeons Review Early Results of Disc Replacements13 years 41 weeks ago1656
Quality of Life Improved with Vertebroplasty in Frail Elderly13 years 41 weeks ago1753
The Pressure of Handling Sudden, Heavy Loads13 years 50 weeks ago1793
The Second Coming of Back Pain13 years 50 weeks ago1821
Getting to the Core of Back Pain13 years 50 weeks ago1777
Summary of Findings Using Prolotherapy for Chronic Back Pain14 years 5 weeks ago1688
Artificial Disc Compared to Spine Fusion14 years 9 weeks ago1774
Whiplash Injury Treated by Physical Therapy14 years 9 weeks ago2202
Spinal Discs under Pressure14 years 14 weeks ago1771
Report on Back Pain in the Netherlands14 years 23 weeks ago1615
Back Pain among Homemakers14 years 23 weeks ago1942
Regaining Confidence Despite Chronic Back Pain14 years 23 weeks ago1647
A Stable Spine Is a Healthy Spine14 years 23 weeks ago1964
Facing the Fear of Back Pain Head On14 years 23 weeks ago1756
Cracking the Code for Improved Healing of Spondylolysis14 years 23 weeks ago1649
Effects of Smoking on Rehab for Chronic Back Pain14 years 33 weeks ago1817
Remedy for Feeling Less Back Pain than You Bargained For14 years 33 weeks ago1670
When Less is More for Rating Low-Back Impairment14 years 33 weeks ago1651
National Trends in Health Care for Back Pain14 years 36 weeks ago1792
There's More to Back Pain than Pain in the Back14 years 36 weeks ago1661
Back Pain: It's Not Just For Adults14 years 36 weeks ago1805
Looking Closely at the Muscles along the Spine14 years 36 weeks ago2598
The Link between Back Pain and Old Age14 years 36 weeks ago3965

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