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Gunshot Fragments Can Lead to Lead Poisoning14 years 36 weeks ago2581
Boeing Test Model Used to Measure Results of Spinal Fusion14 years 36 weeks ago1758
Golfers, Learn to Backhand Back Pain14 years 42 weeks ago1956
Kids, Backpacks, and Back Pain14 years 42 weeks ago1841
Blood Clots and Spine Surgery14 years 42 weeks ago2745
Ouch! The Health Care Costs of Back Pain14 years 44 weeks ago1633
More Clues to Back Pain in Adults14 years 44 weeks ago1709
Back Protection when Faced with Sudden and Shifting Loads14 years 44 weeks ago1915
Bothered by Back Pain14 years 44 weeks ago1930
A Shot in the Back for Back Pain14 years 44 weeks ago2184
Three Cases of Paralysis after Lumbar Surgery14 years 44 weeks ago2577
Fixing Severe Spine Fractures in Aging Adults14 years 44 weeks ago1691
Low Back Pain and Physical Activity in an Israeli Town14 years 44 weeks ago1669
Animal Model Used to Study Disc Degeneration in Humans14 years 44 weeks ago1687
Novel Use of Titanium Cages for Spine Reconstruction Surgery14 years 44 weeks ago1874
Oink if you Love a Stable Spine14 years 50 weeks ago1642
Another Matrix Reloaded: New Treatment for Damaged Discs14 years 50 weeks ago1869
Case Report of a Rare Spinal Injury14 years 50 weeks ago1891
Getting Kids Back to Health with Physical Activity14 years 50 weeks ago1683
Positive Encouragement, Usual Care, or Both after Disc Surgery?14 years 50 weeks ago1652
Finding and Treating the Cause of Back-Related Testicular Pain14 years 50 weeks ago5208
The Many Sides to Work-Related Back Pain15 years 2 weeks ago1779
Predicting Results of Epidural Injections for Sciatica15 years 2 weeks ago1896
A Measure of Patient Satisfaction after Back Surgery15 years 2 weeks ago2325
Back Pain in the Golden Years15 years 2 weeks ago1800
Mind and Body Matters for Getting Back to Work after Neck or Back Pain15 years 7 weeks ago1703
Comparing Thought and Action in Patients with Low Back Pain15 years 7 weeks ago1692
Bringing Home the Back Pain15 years 7 weeks ago1998
First Trial of Radiation to Reduce Scar Tissue around Spinal Nerves15 years 7 weeks ago1888
Spine Operations by Orthopedic Surgeons15 years 7 weeks ago1864

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