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Total Disc Replacement Replaces Spinal Fusion When All Else Fails15 years 7 weeks ago1636
Early Results of Total Disc Replacement Reported15 years 7 weeks ago1640
Pulsed or Thermal Radiofrequency for Back Pain?15 years 10 weeks ago1892
Fitting the Worker to the Workplace15 years 10 weeks ago1645
Comparing Spine Fusion with and without Growth Factors15 years 10 weeks ago1742
Which is Worse: Neck Pain, Arm Pain, or Both?15 years 10 weeks ago1905
Bracing for Scoliosis: 22 Years down the Road15 years 10 weeks ago1871
Activity Not Linked to Back Pain in Kids15 years 10 weeks ago1694
New Imaging Method May Someday Make Spine Surgery Easier15 years 10 weeks ago1875
Nicotine's Effect on the Disc15 years 10 weeks ago3159
Measuring Your Exertion while Exercising15 years 10 weeks ago1683
Smoking, Obesity, and Your Back15 years 14 weeks ago1694
A Review of Studies Using Radiofrequency for Neck and Back Pain15 years 14 weeks ago1950
Pumping Up the Spine15 years 14 weeks ago1707
Cementing the Spine15 years 14 weeks ago3032
New Memory Coiling Spiral Replaces Center of Disc15 years 14 weeks ago2012
Not All Disc Replacements Are Alike15 years 14 weeks ago1770
Creative Surgical Solutions to Painful Back Problems15 years 14 weeks ago1833
Computers and Medical Research15 years 14 weeks ago2045
CT Scan Gives Insider View of Spinal Fusion15 years 14 weeks ago6108
Finding Familiar Treatments for Unfamiliar Sources of Back Pain15 years 20 weeks ago1613
Strength in Numbers for Successful Spinal Fusion15 years 20 weeks ago1711
Drugs, Acupuncture, or Manipulation for Back Pain?15 years 20 weeks ago1621
Returning to Work after Severe Back Pain15 years 20 weeks ago2039
Back Pain in College Rowers15 years 20 weeks ago1989
New Spinal Injection Treatment for Low Back Pain15 years 25 weeks ago2021
Taking Sides on Low Back X-rays15 years 25 weeks ago1742
Understanding the Risks of a New Treatment for Back Pain15 years 25 weeks ago1665
School Kids' Backpacks May Not Carry the Blame for Back Pain15 years 28 weeks ago1655
Back Pain and Backpacks15 years 28 weeks ago2480

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