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Sagittal Rotation Leads to Sagittal Translation in Ankylosing Spondylitis12 years 29 weeks ago1582
Predicting Future Episodes of Back Pain13 years 39 weeks ago1593
New Report on Safety of Kyphoplasty13 years 27 weeks ago1596
Don't Bend and Lift after Sitting for Hours13 years 31 weeks ago1599
Routine Lab Test After Disc Removal Advised12 years 46 weeks ago1599
Trunk Exercises With and Without a Swiss Ball: Does It Make a Difference?13 years 40 weeks ago1604
Finding Familiar Treatments for Unfamiliar Sources of Back Pain15 years 20 weeks ago1613
Report on Back Pain in the Netherlands14 years 23 weeks ago1615
Drugs, Acupuncture, or Manipulation for Back Pain?15 years 20 weeks ago1621
Simple Approach to Simple Back Pain: Simply Exercise13 years 20 weeks ago1628
Fragile Breakthrough: Spine Clinics Urged to Combat Osteoporosis16 years 6 weeks ago1633
Ouch! The Health Care Costs of Back Pain14 years 44 weeks ago1633
New and Improved Treatment for Spinal Arthritis12 years 44 weeks ago1633
Measuring the Benefit of Neck or Back Surgery12 years 18 weeks ago1633
Total Disc Replacement Replaces Spinal Fusion When All Else Fails15 years 7 weeks ago1636
Recovery after First-Time Back Pain13 years 27 weeks ago1637
Early Results of Total Disc Replacement Reported15 years 7 weeks ago1640
Oink if you Love a Stable Spine14 years 50 weeks ago1642
Treating Chronic Back Pain: What Works Best?13 years 27 weeks ago1644
Traffic Crashes Can Be Hazardous to the Spine16 years 1 week ago1645
Fitting the Worker to the Workplace15 years 10 weeks ago1645
Regaining Confidence Despite Chronic Back Pain14 years 23 weeks ago1647
Cracking the Code for Improved Healing of Spondylolysis14 years 23 weeks ago1649
Making Sense of Joint Sense in the Low Back15 years 45 weeks ago1651
When Less is More for Rating Low-Back Impairment14 years 33 weeks ago1651
Positive Encouragement, Usual Care, or Both after Disc Surgery?14 years 50 weeks ago1652
Update on the Source of Facet Joint Pain12 years 35 weeks ago1653
Review of New Bone Substitute for Vetebral Fractures13 years 2 weeks ago1654
School Kids' Backpacks May Not Carry the Blame for Back Pain15 years 28 weeks ago1655
Surgeons Review Early Results of Disc Replacements13 years 41 weeks ago1656

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