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School Kids' Backpacks May Not Carry the Blame for Back Pain15 years 32 weeks ago1666
There's More to Back Pain than Pain in the Back14 years 40 weeks ago1666
Greater Improvement in Neck and Back Pain After Naprapathic Therapy11 years 33 weeks ago1666
Understanding the Risks of a New Treatment for Back Pain15 years 29 weeks ago1669
Review of Treatment Options for Osteoporotic Spine Fractures12 years 16 weeks ago1670
Seek-and-Destroy Mission for Facet Joint Pain16 years 3 weeks ago1671
Low Back Pain and Physical Activity in an Israeli Town14 years 49 weeks ago1674
Equating Satisfaction and Results after Spine Fusion Surgery13 years 43 weeks ago1675
Remedy for Feeling Less Back Pain than You Bargained For14 years 37 weeks ago1677
Doctors Review Scoliosis-Related Web Sites13 years 6 weeks ago1679
Desktop or Laptop? Some Body-Friendly Advice for Computer Users16 years 39 weeks ago1683
Making Exercise Attractive for People with Ankylosing Spondylitis15 years 41 weeks ago1685
Controlling Back Pain with Change in Attitude and Behavior12 years 36 weeks ago1686
Medical or Alternative Treatment for Back Pain?13 years 25 weeks ago1687
Of Muscles, Posture, and Back Pain13 years 31 weeks ago1689
Two Words to Help Back Pain: Exercise, Exercise16 years 3 weeks ago1690
Protocol For Treating Spinal Metastases After Tumor Removal12 years 7 weeks ago1690
Spine Surgeries on the Rise in the U.S.12 years 49 weeks ago1691
Measuring Your Exertion while Exercising15 years 14 weeks ago1693
Getting Kids Back to Health with Physical Activity15 years 2 weeks ago1693
Spines of Pregnant Women Are Slow to Recover15 years 37 weeks ago1694
Animal Model Used to Study Disc Degeneration in Humans14 years 49 weeks ago1695
Follow-up on Total Disc Replacement13 years 44 weeks ago1697
Fixing Severe Spine Fractures in Aging Adults14 years 49 weeks ago1698
Summary of Findings Using Prolotherapy for Chronic Back Pain14 years 9 weeks ago1699
Comparing Thought and Action in Patients with Low Back Pain15 years 12 weeks ago1700
Smoking, Obesity, and Your Back15 years 19 weeks ago1702
Activity Not Linked to Back Pain in Kids15 years 14 weeks ago1703
Update on Artificial Disc Replacement13 years 45 weeks ago1704
Why Do More Women Than Men Suffer Back Pain? Blame It on the Stork15 years 50 weeks ago1705

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