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Cost of Adverse Events with Spinal Cord Stimulation12 years 22 weeks ago1784
Artificial Disc Compared to Spine Fusion14 years 13 weeks ago1785
Getting to the Center of Back Pain13 years 34 weeks ago1785
Getting to the Nerve Root of Spinal Pain15 years 37 weeks ago1786
Getting to the Core of Back Pain14 years 2 weeks ago1786
The Many Sides to Work-Related Back Pain15 years 7 weeks ago1787
Expect Less and Get More after Back Surgery16 years 29 weeks ago1790
Benchmark Results Obtained to Compare the Success of Spine Fusion16 years 13 weeks ago1791
National Trends in Health Care for Back Pain14 years 40 weeks ago1798
The Pressure of Handling Sudden, Heavy Loads14 years 2 weeks ago1799
Chronic Pain Patients Need a Breakthrough12 years 5 weeks ago1801
Using Vacuum-Assisted Closure with Spinal Wound Infections11 years 42 weeks ago1805
Teens and Exercise: Movement Skills Help Determine Whether Kids "Just Do It"17 years 2 weeks ago1808
Core Stability: What is It?13 years 17 weeks ago1808
Back Pain in the Golden Years15 years 7 weeks ago1812
Back Pain: It's Not Just For Adults14 years 40 weeks ago1814
Effect of Spinal Fusion on the Rest of the Spine15 years 37 weeks ago1817
Get a Trade-in for Your Old, Worn-out Disc16 years 35 weeks ago1823
Effects of Smoking on Rehab for Chronic Back Pain14 years 37 weeks ago1826
The Second Coming of Back Pain14 years 2 weeks ago1829
Spinal Cord Stimulation Hardware: The Next Generation12 years 22 weeks ago1840
Creative Surgical Solutions to Painful Back Problems15 years 19 weeks ago1843
Cagey New Spine Fusion Techniques Packed for Success16 years 13 weeks ago1844
For Elders, Lifting Can Be a Real Pain in the Back17 years 39 weeks ago1847
Kids, Backpacks, and Back Pain14 years 46 weeks ago1848
Aging Spines Speak to the Realities of "Pars Defects" in the Low Back15 years 33 weeks ago1856
New Model for Treatment Decisions in Cancer Patients with Spinal Tumors11 years 34 weeks ago1865
Obesity Linked to Problems in Spine Surgery11 years 45 weeks ago1868
Surgeons Advised to Avoid Presence-or-Absence Method for Intraoperative Monitoring10 years 49 weeks ago1870
Spine Operations by Orthopedic Surgeons15 years 12 weeks ago1871

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