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A Bad Back in the Saddle17 years 27 weeks ago3478
A Measure of Patient Satisfaction after Back Surgery15 years 3 weeks ago2328
A New Concept in Spine Research: Response Shift Phenomena9 years 4 weeks ago9568
A Review of Studies Using Radiofrequency for Neck and Back Pain15 years 15 weeks ago1951
A Shot in the Back for Back Pain14 years 45 weeks ago2184
A Stable Spine Is a Healthy Spine14 years 24 weeks ago1967
A Working Definition of Disc Degeneration12 years 20 weeks ago2002
Absorbing the Newest Breakthroughs in Spine Fusion16 years 9 weeks ago1772
Activity Not Linked to Back Pain in Kids15 years 10 weeks ago1694
Actual Cost of Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain9 years 32 weeks ago57743
Advice or Exercise? The Low-Cost Way to Stabilize Your Back13 years 27 weeks ago1775
Aging Spines Speak to the Realities of "Pars Defects" in the Low Back15 years 29 weeks ago1848
An Injured Disc's Effect on the Spinal Nerve15 years 37 weeks ago2002
Animal Model Used to Study Disc Degeneration in Humans14 years 45 weeks ago1687
Another Matrix Reloaded: New Treatment for Damaged Discs14 years 51 weeks ago1870
Are Kids Packing Future Back Pain?15 years 33 weeks ago1756
Arguments Against Biopsychosocial Model of Spine Care10 years 6 weeks ago3576
Artificial Disc Compared to Spine Fusion14 years 10 weeks ago1776
As If AS Isn't Enough16 years 18 weeks ago1924
Back Bones Send a Painful Message15 years 46 weeks ago2448
Back Off Smoking16 years 25 weeks ago2037
Back Pain among Homemakers14 years 24 weeks ago1943
Back Pain and Backpacks15 years 29 weeks ago2485
Back Pain Electric13 years 39 weeks ago2237
Back Pain Got You Down?16 years 32 weeks ago3192
Back Pain in Alpine Ski Instructors13 years 40 weeks ago1930
Back Pain in College Rowers15 years 20 weeks ago1990
Back Pain in the Golden Years15 years 3 weeks ago1803
Back Pain Is Unrelated to Age10 years 40 weeks ago2313
Back Pain: It's Not Just For Adults14 years 36 weeks ago1806

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