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Super-Glued to Exercise: Super Results

If sticking with exercise were easy, more people with chronic low back pain would probably do it, and most would reap the positive benefits. Participants in a recent study kept doing their exercises long after finishing a four- to eight-week period of intensive physical therapy. They actually did exercises more frequently at three months than they did when first evaluated. And they exercised even more by the twelfth month.

My neighbor is 91 years old and planning to have a spinal fusion for chronic low back pain. They say the problem is just degeneration from age. Isn't 91 too old for this kind of surgery?

This is the very question a group of doctors at the Cleveland Spine Clinic asked in a recent study. They compared the results of spinal fusion for spine degeneration in two age groups. One group was younger than 65 years old. The second group was 65 or older.

I've had back pain for the past two years. I'm seeing a new doctor who wants to take more X-rays. These will be taken while I bend and extend my back. What does this show?

Dynamic X-rays show movement in the spine. These can be done while bending forward then again while bending backward. Some are compared from sitting to standing. The idea is to see how much the bones move, tilt, slip, or slide during motion. Too much movement can mean the spine is unstable.

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