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A few of my employees recently hurt their backs on the job and are collecting workers' comp. Should I expect that they'll come back to work?17 years 8 weeks ago3266
A friend of mine at work has suggested I try an intense training program he went through in order to get back to work after a long bout of low back pain. Our insurance doesn't cover it. He assures me it was worth it. Is something like this really worth the money?10 years 40 weeks ago2926
A good friend of mine and I went to see the same doctor for back pain. Our bills were very different after only two visits. Why does this happen?13 years 22 weeks ago3020
A smoker for 25 years, I'm having a hard time quitting before my lumbar fusion surgery in six weeks. Are the benefits worth the effort it is taking me to stop smoking?16 years 40 weeks ago3563
A spine specialist told me I have two herniated discs, and that a piece of disc broke off and is floating around in my spinal canal. Is it possible to avoid having surgery with a loose fragment like this?16 years 40 weeks ago3968
A year ago I had a special heat treatment for a disc problem. It worked okay. Yesterday I got a phone call from the clinic asking me questions about the results. I didn't know the person calling me. How can I find out if this is legit?14 years 37 weeks ago2880
About a year ago, I had the disc at L5-S1 replaced because of degenerative disc disease. I was hoping this operation would help me keep all of my natural motion. The latest tests show that I only got about half the normal motion back. Is there any explanation for this?11 years 16 weeks ago3854
About five years ago, I had a spinal fusion at L45. Now I'm having disc problems at the L34 level. I've heard there's a new heat treatment I could try instead of surgery. How do I find out more about this?10 years 41 weeks ago4128
About six months ago, I had surgery to remove a tumor in my sacral bone. This morning, I was bending over and I felt and heard a pop. I don't have any pain or further loss of motion. But I'm pretty nervous I might have broken something in there. I know I have plates and screws holding everything together. Should I call the doctor right away or wait-and-see before hitting the panic button?10 years 3 days ago3094
About six months ago, I started having low back pain. No one knows what caused it. I saw a physical therapist and that was helpful. But I still have back pain. I went to see a different therapist this time. I thought he might do what the first therapist did to help me. This time the program is very different. Should I go back to my original therapist?11 years 45 weeks ago2799
About six weeks ago I hurt my back and had to see a physical therapist. In the first week my pain went way down. By the second week I was back on the job. The exercises seemed to help, but how long should I keep doing them? I don't have much time now that I'm back to work.13 years 22 weeks ago3005
After a back injury some time ago I notice that I can do everything I once used to do, but I'm much slower at it. Do you think it really matters how fast I walk or move about?13 years 27 weeks ago2974
After a really bad bout of back pain, I had an MRI done. It showed I have a fissure in the outer covering of my disc at L45. How do you treat something like this?12 years 5 weeks ago3642
After a spinal fusion at two levels in my low back, the X-rays show it wasn't successful. There's still motion at one level. I'm not having any symptoms. Should I still have another operation to fuse it again?14 years 49 weeks ago3357
After a very long and difficult delivery, I gave birth to a 12-pound baby. In the process my tailbone broke. Now it's healed in a crooked position. It's very painful. Is there any treatment for this problem?14 years 45 weeks ago2994
After a year of daily back and leg pain, I'm ready to do anything that might help. What do you think of these steroid injections people get?12 years 7 weeks ago3161
After having a spinal injury from an auto accident, my doctor wants to do fusion on my spine from the front and the back. Is this common?10 years 19 weeks ago2766
After having three bouts of back pain in two months, I went to see a physical therapist. The exercises I'm supposed to do just make my back hurt more. Should I stop doing them?13 years 35 weeks ago2887
After having two back injuries, I've been sent to physical therapy. The therapist is going to teach me how to find my "neutral spine position." What is this and how's it done?15 years 40 weeks ago2830
After hurting my back at work I switched jobs. Now I'm not doing as much heavy lifting and I feel much better. Is this just all in my head or does it really make a difference?13 years 40 weeks ago2747
After hurting my back at work the doctor gave me a narcotic painkiller. I've heard these drugs can be addictive and dangerous. What other options do I have?13 years 27 weeks ago2820
After hurting my back I had some special testing done. The tests showed there is weakness of the muscles on one side of my spine. It's the same side I have pain on. Did I hurt my back because I have this weakness or did the weakness come on after the back injury?13 years 51 weeks ago3281
After hurting my back in a car accident, I was given a booklet with helpful tips on lifting, sleeping positions, and exercise. Even after carefully following all of these instructions, I still have back pain. What else can I do?16 years 40 weeks ago2779
After I had a disc replacement in my lumbar spine, I found out they are making replacements just for the inner portion of the disc. That's probably what I really needed. How far are we from having that technology ready?9 years 28 weeks ago4364
After I had my hip replaced, I noticed that my back stopped aching. Is it just a coincidence or is there some connection?11 years 12 weeks ago2804
After lumbar spine surgery, my wife had such low blood pressure the doctors thought she was hemorrhaging inside. They opened her up again, but didn't find anything. Was this second operation really needed?14 years 41 weeks ago3788
After many years of pain in my lower back and legs, I'm having spine fusion surgery. Will surgery make my pain go away?17 years 40 weeks ago3595
After months of back and leg pain, all of a sudden it seems I need surgery. The decision seems a bit rushed, so I'm wondering if it's really necessary. How do I weigh the pros and cons of this decision?10 years 48 weeks ago3047
After months of back pain, I finally turned myself into the doctor for help. All the medical tests were negative, so I was tested by a team of rehab specialists. They felt I would benefit more from psychologic counseling than from an intensive physical training program. I don't think I have a mental problem. What good is this counseling going to do?11 years 10 weeks ago3364
After months of sciatic pain, I finally caved and had surgery. My surgeon assured me that this is not uncommon, but I still felt like a failure. How often do patients give up on therapy and go for the surgery?10 years 18 weeks ago2846

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