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After my first child was born, I started having sacroiliac joint pain. My physical therapist says this can happen after childbirth. The pelvis separates and widens during childbirth. My doctor says it's not possible to have enough movement to cause pain. Who's right?13 years 13 weeks ago2987
After my laminectomy, I had a bone graft fusion at the L45 level. It's been 12 months, and the X-ray shows there is still some movement at that level. Does this mean the surgery was a failure?10 years 36 weeks ago1757
After seven months of daily low back pain, I went to see a physical therapist. The therapist put me in all kinds of positions. How will this really help me?13 years 32 weeks ago1688
After several weeks of back pain I went to see the doctor. An X-ray showed I have a spondylolysis on one side. The doctor suggested using a corset and avoiding sports activity for six months. How's that going to help me?13 years 36 weeks ago1742
After six months of constant back pain, I'm ready to call it quits. I had an MRI when this first all started. It looked like maybe I have a disc problem. I've had no change in my symptoms despite all kinds of treatment. Should I ask for another MRI to see what's going on?11 years 49 weeks ago1590
After six months of daily back pain I got better by getting out and exercising. A friend of mine did the same thing but her doctor advised her to join a group. Does it really matter if exercise is done alone or in a group?14 years 29 weeks ago1535
After six months of treatment for back pain, the doctor has told me I'm "recovered." I may be pain free, but there are still many normal things I can't do yet. How can I be "recovered?"13 years 18 weeks ago1620
After six years of suffering with low back pain with no known cause, my doctor tells me I'm just going to have to learn to live with the pain. That's just not acceptable to me. Are there any other options for people like me?9 years 17 weeks ago1926
After suffering a disc herniation, I've been reading up on disc problems. I keep finding mention of "creep behavior" in discs. What is this?14 years 12 weeks ago1668
After suffering back pain for two years, I had the L4-5 facet joints injected with a local anesthetic. This relieved my pain and the doctor then used a heat treatment to destroy the nerve. Six weeks later, the same pain is back. What can I do now?13 years 42 weeks ago1789
After years of chronic low back pain and every treatment under the sun, my doctor has advised surgery. I have two choices: spinal fusion or disc replacement. I'm thinking a fusion would take care of the problem once and for all. Seems like an artificial implant is one more thing that can go wrong. Am I thinking right about this?13 years 27 weeks ago1571
After years of chronic low back pain, I started exercising regularly despite having bad days. Over time my pain has gotten much better. Though I still have some bad days, these are far fewer. Can anyone explain why exercise works this way?14 years 37 weeks ago1533
All my tests show a disc problem at L4/5. What are my treatment options for this problem?14 years 37 weeks ago2206
Am I too old to get a disc replacement? I'm 65 years "young".12 years 20 weeks ago2033
An X-ray showed a vertebra in my low back that is slipping forward. Will it keep slipping? Could it slip completely off the rest of my spine?17 years 48 weeks ago2152
Are men and women equally at risk for developing low back pain?17 years 48 weeks ago2092
Are people who are overweight and therefore larger in size for their height stronger than people the same size who weigh less?12 years 39 weeks ago1401
Are the results of spinal fusion surgery based on the underlying problem in the spine? In other words, are some problems easier to fix with spinal fusion than others?14 years 50 weeks ago1531
Are there any studies to show how much rest is needed between work days for the back and other body parts to recover from chronic use? I'm on partial disability and trying to figure out how much I can work without reinjuring myself.14 years 1 week ago1623
Are women employed outside the home more likely to have back pain compared to homemakers?14 years 29 weeks ago1511
As my parents age, I see them with more pain in their backs. It's not from lifting and stuff or arthritis, just pain. Do the backs get more fragile as people age?11 years 4 weeks ago1515
As part of a return-to-work evaluation, I was recently tested for back strength. I was afraid of hurting myself again. I don’t think I gave my best effort. Will this affect the results?13 years 23 weeks ago1560
Back in the 1970s, I hurt my back and the doctor sent me to back school. It was a series of eight or 10 sessions with a physical therapist who taught me proper posture, good work and sleep habits. She gave me lots of information, help, and support. Now my son has hurt his back. When I suggested he find a back school program, he said they don't exist anymore. Is that true?10 years 9 weeks ago1980
Back in the early 1980s, I had chymopapain treatments for a herniated disc. It seemed to do the trick. I haven't had any trouble since then. Now my daughter has some back pain. When I asked around, there's no one doing this treatment any more. What happened?11 years 22 weeks ago2125
Before beginning a new job on an assembly line, I had to attend a two-day class on how to prevent back injuries. Part of the class was on proper lifting and handling techniques. Has it ever really been proven that lifting in a certain way is good or bad for the back?16 years 40 weeks ago1521
Before having surgery for chronic low back pain, I had to fill out question after question on three separate surveys. Why is this required now?12 years 26 weeks ago1486
Both my grandparents were told they have spinal stenosis. What is it and what causes it?11 years 37 weeks ago1414
Can chiropractic care keep me from becoming a chronic back pain sufferer?11 years 35 weeks ago1415
Can coughing from asthma cause back pain? My husband and daughter both have asthma and often complain about backaches and pains.14 years 21 weeks ago1707
Can exercise really prevent back pain? Which ones should I do?12 years 35 weeks ago1462

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