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Can giving a medication for one disorder other than what it is originally for cause problems in the long run? I'm thinking this because I take a pill for seizures for my lower back pain. I'm afraid that something may happen and make me prone to seizures or something.10 years 48 weeks ago1456
Can having one leg that is three-quarters of an inch shorter than the other cause a disc to become herniated in the low back?16 years 45 weeks ago1680
Can I make my back pain worse if I'm afraid to move? In other words, if I expect my back to hurt, will it?13 years 48 weeks ago1541
Can injection therapy really get rid of low back pain?17 years 24 weeks ago1776
Can the new IDET treatment for disks be used by anyone?15 years 45 weeks ago1687
Can what I do at work affect my chances of having low back pain?17 years 48 weeks ago2203
Can you explain something to me? I work in the purchasing department of a large hospital. My job involves light lifting but constant bending over to pick up items and then putting them on shelves. I notice on Monday and Tuesday, I'm just fine but by Wednesday my low back starts to ache. I can make it through to the weekend. After resting I'm fine again but on Monday, the cycle starts all over. What's happening with my back?14 years 1 week ago1560
Can you explain why I have tenderness to touch in my low back area? I've had low back pain for five months now. Just pressing on the skin and muscles makes it hurt. Why is that?13 years 11 weeks ago1597
Can you tell me how homeopathic treatments might be able to help me with my back pain? I've had several friends who swear by these treatments. But they aren't covered by my insurance. I'm a little hesitant to try them.10 years 48 weeks ago1516
Can you tell me more about cognitive behavioral therapy? I went to the Mayo Clinic for evaluation of my chronic low back pain. The team strongly recommended CBT treatment. What is it exactly?12 years 32 weeks ago1482
Can you tell me what degenerative disc disease is? My mother just called and said this is what she's been diagnosed with. Is this a learn-to-live-with-it kind of condition? Or can something be done to ease her pain?10 years 46 weeks ago1573
Can you tell me what is a seat belt fracture?13 years 40 weeks ago1738
Can you tell me what is flatback syndrome?11 years 9 weeks ago1761
Can you tell me what's the difference between disc herniation and disc protrusion? I saw two different surgeons for an opinion on what's causing my back pain. One told me it is a disc herniation. The other said it was a disc protrusion. Are they the same thing or do I have two different problems?11 years 35 weeks ago1838
Can you tell me which way is better to go with a spine fusion -- bone graft from my hip or the newer bone substitutes? I know there are plusses and minuses with each one. But is one ever recommended over the other?9 years 22 weeks ago1968
Could a TENs stimulator help my chronic low back pain?10 years 46 weeks ago1607
Could my divorce be giving me low back pain?17 years 13 weeks ago1847
Dad called and said he has back pain that is now going down his leg. He says it's sciatica? How do they know for sure what's causing the leg pain?9 years 51 weeks ago1716
Dad is 72 and had his first surgery ever less than two weeks ago. They did a laminectomy for spinal stenosis. Although his back pain was better at first, now it's getting worse everyday. Is this normal? How long do we wait for the pain to go away?9 years 14 weeks ago2189
Dad is a veteran of the Vietnam War. He receives excellent services from the VA in our area. In fact, we're concerned that maybe he's getting too much help. For his chronic back pain, he's on powerful pain relievers AND getting steroid injections. Is this all really needed?10 years 28 weeks ago1547
Despite going to yoga, Pilates, and meuromuscular integrative action (NIA) classes, I still have chronic low back pain. What else can I do to get over this?10 years 35 weeks ago1581
Despite horrible back pain, I've been able to stay in shape by swimming. I'm finally going to have a spinal fusion for the problem. Will I ever be able to swim again?13 years 18 weeks ago1501
Despite hundreds of dollars in medical tests, they still don't know what's wrong with my low back. The X-rays show signs of moderate osteoarthritis in the lumbar spine. But the doc doesn't think that's what's causing the problem. I'm really frustrated. What do you recommend?10 years 2 weeks ago1633
Do I have to go to Europe if I want to have a disc replacement instead of a spinal fusion? I hear they've done thousands of these operations over there.12 years 45 weeks ago1657
Do patients with different low back problems have different amounts of pain?16 years 45 weeks ago1661
Do people with low back pain have different walking patterns than other people?16 years 46 weeks ago1829
Do they ever do those slippery injections for the spine? I had three on my knee and they worked like a charm. I've got arthritis in my back and thought maybe the same treatment might help.10 years 46 weeks ago1745
Do women who work outside the home have more sick days than homemakers?14 years 29 weeks ago1537
Do you think there's any benefit to doing core training over just a regular walking program for back pain? I keep hearing people talk about one or the other but I've never heard which one is better.9 years 47 weeks ago1679
Does age make a difference in whether people with back injuries can return to work?17 years 13 weeks ago1780

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