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Does anyone know what happens to people after they start having problems with back pain? I've heard that almost everyone will have a backache sometime in their life. I just had my first one. It went away after three weeks. What can I expect now?12 years 5 days ago1371
Does it make any difference if I have two, three, or four spinal segments fused? Is a shorter fusion better or worse than a long fusion?13 years 40 weeks ago1500
Does it make sense to you that a 80-year-old grandmother would need surgery to fuse her spine? She's so stiff, I doubt her spine even moves. But the surgeon is recommending a spinal fusion for a condition they call degenerative spondylolisthesis. What can you tell me about this?9 years 13 weeks ago2275
Does it matter if the physical therapist manipulates my back with me on my side versus on my back? When my regular therapist was gone, I noticed the therapist who took the regular therapist's place used the same kind of technique but from a different angle. Should I say something? I am being treated for low back pain at the moment.9 years 4 weeks ago3365
Does low back pain actually affect the muscles in the back?17 years 13 weeks ago1742
Does low back pain have different effects on walking for men and women?16 years 46 weeks ago1655
Does tissue engineering show any potential for use in spine surgery?10 years 28 weeks ago1410
Even though I've had a steroid injection in my back before, my doctor says I'm not a good candidate for this now. Should I just go see someone else who will do this for me?11 years 39 weeks ago1563
Every magazine I read has the answer to low back pain. Usually, it's some kind of exercise program. But it's never the same set of exercises. Isn't there a one-exercise-fits-all kind of program for back pain?10 years 24 weeks ago1449
Every now and then my back goes out on me. It seems to happen at the oddest times. I'll be doing the simplest thing, like reaching for a glass of water or turning off a light. What's causing this to happen?14 years 46 weeks ago1635
Every now and then my back goes out on me. It seems to happen at the oddest times. I'll be doing the simplest thing like reaching for a glass of water or turning off a light. What's causing this to happen?14 years 50 weeks ago1791
Every time I get back pain, it seems to settle in the right side down by the base of my spine. Is there some kind of exercise I can do to strengthen that side?9 years 39 weeks ago1663
Every time I go see the doctor about my chronic back pain I have to draw a picture of my pain on a little cartoon character. How does this help anything?13 years 31 weeks ago1532
Every time I go to the clinic or hospital I get a survey asking me if I was happy with the service. I'm always happy with the people and the treatment I get, but sometimes I'm not satisfied with the results. How do I get that across to them without getting anyone in trouble?13 years 23 weeks ago1488
Every year the United States spends millions of dollars on people with low back pain. What's all this money spent on?14 years 50 weeks ago1444
Everyone at the gym is doing Pilates for core strengthening. Is there really anything to this?14 years 50 weeks ago1852
Fear-avoidance beliefs (FABs) is a fairly new concept. But it's one that researchers have validated as real and potentially harmful. FAB is the notion that activity and/or movement is going to cause more pain and reinjury in someone with low back pain (LBP). Studies are being done to see if this same idea applies to neck pain as well.11 years 13 weeks ago1478
Five years ago I had severe back pain from a disc problem that was diagnosed with a test called discography. I just went back to the surgeon for a new back problem. When I asked about having that same test they told me, "Oh we don't use that test anymore." What's wrong with that test?9 years 35 weeks ago1813
For the last six months, I have had pain in my sacroiliac joint. The pain seems to come and go, but I don't know what brings it on or makes it go away. At the same time, I've noticed some problems holding my urine and dribbling before getting to the toilet. Are these two problems related?16 years 43 weeks ago1538
Four out of my five closest friends have had a spinal fusion. We're all in our 70s with back pain. Should I have this done too?14 years 4 weeks ago1512
Four years ago I had a disabling car accident. I haven't been able to go back to work since because of severe back pain. My doctor tells me the pain isn't a sign of harm, and that I can do anything I want to. How can I do that when every movement hurts?12 years 5 days ago1525
Have you ever heard of an X-stopper for spinal stenosis. My father called and said he's having surgery Monday to put an X-stopper in his spine. I went on-line but couldn't find anything to explain this.11 years 32 weeks ago2119
Have you ever heard of rescue medication? My older sister says this is what the nurse practitioner gave her for her chronic back pain. My sis seems to think this might work for her. What is it?10 years 37 weeks ago1703
Have you heard of degenerative disc disease in a college athlete? That's what's happened to our son. Does this happen very often?10 years 10 hours ago2720
Help! I'm self-employed. I've hurt my back, and I've got to get back on the job right away. What can I do to return to my pre-injury level of activity?13 years 23 weeks ago1581
How are results of lumbar fusion, and lumbar total disc replacement comparing?10 years 24 weeks ago1558
How can I keep from hurting my lower back?11 years 39 weeks ago1690
How can I know if facet joints are causing my back pain?11 years 11 weeks ago1512
How can I treat my back pain without surgery?16 years 43 weeks ago1796
How can low back pain be a "benign" disorder? It has ruined my life. If I could cut my spine out I'd do it in a heartbeat.13 years 18 weeks ago1656

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