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How can you tell if a second bout of back pain is really just part of the first episode? I've had three rounds of back pain. Each one is a little different but the insurance company wants to say it's all one problem. There's a limit on how much treatment they will pay for each "episode."14 years 4 weeks ago1644
How can you tell if back pain is a flare-up from a previous problem or a new problem?12 years 5 days ago1432
How come doctors can't tell the difference between a regular back ache and one that won't go away after a while?10 years 9 weeks ago1753
How common is lower back pain? It seems like everyone I know has a bad back.10 years 36 weeks ago1558
How do doctors know where in the spine to put an injection if they are going to inject something to relieve back pain?10 years 11 hours ago1870
How do studies on low back pain in the United States compare with studies in other countries?10 years 50 weeks ago1431
How do surgeons decide who needs a spinal fusion? I went to see my doctor and he never once mentioned a fusion. My husband went to see the same doctor who advised him to have a fusion.12 years 36 weeks ago1729
How does "preemptive analgesia" work? My doctor used this on me during a recent discectomy. I had very little pain afterwards.14 years 33 weeks ago1604
How does acupuncture work? I had two sessions and my back pain is all gone.13 years 36 weeks ago1708
How does cancer get from the colon to the spine? My father was just diagnosed with colon cancer metastasized to the low back. His only symptom was a recurrent twinge of low back pain for months.12 years 47 weeks ago2281
How does it work when a bone graft is used in spinal fusion? Does the bone they take from my hip and put in the spine cause hip bone cells to form? Does it matter so long as they are bone cells? What about the new substitute bone graft material that's available? How does that make bone cells?10 years 39 weeks ago2017
How does low back pain get in the way of walking?16 years 46 weeks ago1830
How exactly should you lift something heavy without hurting your back?10 years 48 weeks ago8055
How long can I expect my new disc replacement to last?14 years 13 weeks ago4977
How long does it take to heal after a lumbar discectomy?14 years 50 weeks ago2998
How long will it take me to heal after surgery for the two herniated discs in my low back?16 years 50 weeks ago1952
How soon can I expect relief from my back and leg pain with a spinal fusion? I'm having one level fused (L45) using the ALIF method.13 years 13 weeks ago1742
I admit I'm a young manager in a busy blue-collar industry. But I expect my workers to come back to work as soon as possible after an injury. Others tell me to save my energy and write them off as early retirees on disability. Is there an industry standard on this?11 years 17 weeks ago1494
I admit my father is a bit of a complainer. He's had back pain for so long, we've stopped listening to him complain about it. But now we found out that there may be something seriously wrong with him. Shouldn't the doctor have been able to see this sooner than later?11 years 6 days ago1647
I always see a chiropractor when my back hurts. The rest of my friends go to a medical doctor. Is there some kind of person or personality type that's more attracted to one kind of treatment over another?13 years 27 weeks ago1441
I am 55 and suffer from chronic back pain. I don't do heavy labor, but it seems like the stress I have at work makes it harder to deal with my back. Is the pain I feel all in my head?17 years 28 weeks ago2208
I am 71 years old and no spring chicken. I've had sacroiliac problems off and on for years. Usually it's a nagging ache in my low back. Now I'm having back and thigh pain. Can the sacroiliac joint cause pain in both areas?14 years 1 week ago1952
I am a 16-year-old female gymnast. Some of my teammates have back pain and were told they have stress fractures in their spines. What are the chances I'll end up with a problem like this?16 years 45 weeks ago1912
I am a 66-year-old African American male in need of a spinal fusion. Are there any studies to show how well (or poorly) black men do after this kind of surgery?13 years 44 weeks ago1884
I am a foreman in a factory. We've had a couple of guys come back to work after back injuries. How likely are they to stick with their jobs?17 years 13 weeks ago3420
I am a new graduate nurse from an accredited program. One of my patients is seeing a psychologist for "fear-avoidance beliefs" (FABs). The doctor thinks the patient's back pain is caused by FABs. We didn't learn about this problem in school. What can you tell me about it?14 years 29 weeks ago1510
I am a newly hired middle manager for a large manufacturing company. I'm facing my first compensation claim by a blue-collar worker who has hired a lawyer. Everyone tells me once a lawyer is involved, we'll never see that worker back on-the-job. Is there any truth to that idea?9 years 37 weeks ago1850
I am a nurse working with chronic back pain patients. The latest approach is to treat these patients with a biopsychosocial approach. We pay attention to the social and psychologic factors when offering specific treatments. If this is really accurate, then how do we explain those patients who get better with surgery?10 years 51 weeks ago1671
I am a nursing supervisor just transferring from a medical-surgical ward to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). On the med med-surg ward, preventing back injuries was a big focus. Even though the patients are smaller on the NICU ward, I'd like to implement ways to help the nurses prevent episodes of back pain. What kind of steps should I take?9 years 48 weeks ago1598
I am a physical therapist in an outpatient setting (a spine clinic). I went to a series of physical therapy meetings where they talked about using the ICF model now instead of the Nagi model. I am only familiar with the old model. How does this new model work with the kind of patients I see everyday?10 years 2 weeks ago2153

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