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Will my 12-year-old son be able to stay active in sports now that he's fully recovered from back surgery to remove an injured disc?16 years 45 weeks ago1891
Will there come a time when doctors can properly diagnose lower back pain? I'm so fed up with the tests and no answers.10 years 33 weeks ago1490
Will there ever be a cure for back pain?10 years 39 weeks ago1665
With damage and arthritis in my low back, the doctors are advising a lumbar spine fusion. Why can't they just do a simple operation and put screws in the bone to hold it in place? They did this when I broke my arm last year and it worked fine.13 years 33 weeks ago1600
With so many ways to treat chronic back pain, how do doctors decide what method to use?10 years 48 weeks ago1689
Would exercise make my back pain better? I recently had a baby, and my back started hurting during pregnancy.17 years 33 weeks ago1771
Would surgery relieve my chronic low back pain?10 years 46 weeks ago1628
Wow! I can't believe the difference in my low back pain from wearing a simple shoe insert. It seems I have a very slightly shorter left leg. The insert is only worn in the left shoe. It makes sense to use a shoe lift or insert but how does this work exactly?13 years 6 weeks ago1695
Years ago I had traction therapy for a bad back. It really seemed to help. But the last two places I went didn't have traction at all. Isn't this treatment used any more?10 years 46 weeks ago1780
Years ago I hurt my back in a work-related accident. After attending a rehab program witha psychologist, physical therapist, and vocational counselor I went back to work full-time. Over the years I've seen a chiropractor and massage therapist for occasional backpain. Is this what's keeping me from getting back pain again?14 years 41 weeks ago1685
Years ago I was in a Back School program that really seemed to help. I recently re-injured my back but there was no mention at the clinic about Back School. Has it gone out of favor now?10 years 26 weeks ago1502
You know, I haven't had a lick of back pain my entire adult life. Then I had a CT scan for my heart and found out that I have stenosis in my spine. All of a sudden, my back hurts. Is this just in my head? Or can stenosis really cause back pain all of a sudden like that?9 years 21 weeks ago1914

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