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I am seven months pregnant with my third child. I've had constant tailbone pain for six weeks. Last week, I fell going down my basement stairs. Now the pain is gone. What could have caused this change?13 years 33 weeks ago1597
I am several hundred pounds overweight. I have a bad back from a herniated disc, so I can't exercise. As a result, I keep gaining weight. Even though I'm considered obese, could I qualify for surgery to remove this disc problem?10 years 23 weeks ago1718
I am strongly left-handed and play amateur tennis in local, regional, and state tournaments. I often wonder if I shouldn't practice playing with my right hand just to stay evened out. Is there any research on this topic?12 years 2 weeks ago1411
I am the captain of a combined police and fire fighting force in a small community. If anyone is out on injury or disability, it affects our ability to respond to calls. The biggest problem we have is with back pain. Sometimes the men develop low back pain without even any obvious or apparent injury. What's the best way to get someone back to health and ready for work?10 years 19 weeks ago1511
I am the director of a large clinic specializing in the treatment of back pain. I know that the evidence shows that using published clinical practice guidelines for acute low back pain (LBP) gets better patient results. How can I get my staff to follow these more often?12 years 15 weeks ago1396
I am the general manager of a rehab department. We are located in a large hospital. We are starting to look into developing a multidisciplinary team approach to chronic low back pain. Everything I've read suggests that this type of treatment is expensive but worth it. How do I justify the cost to upper management?11 years 1 week ago1431
I am the new director of a university student wellness center. I'd like to start a program to decrease the number of students who show up with low back pain. What do you suggest for a starting point?14 years 20 weeks ago1370
I am the sole breadwinner for a family of six. After injuring my back, I've been able to keep working, but just barely. The doctor thinks surgery to remove a disc could help. What are my chances of getting back to work after this type of operation?14 years 33 weeks ago1565
I am trying to figure out what's causing my pain. It's either something in my low back or sacroiliac joint. The pain is on the right side right over the dimple in my low back area. Would an X-ray help show problems with my sacroiliac joint?13 years 13 weeks ago1489
I am working as a research lab assistant in a clinic in Norway. A group of physical therapists are going to teach us how to perform the Biering-Sørensen Test. Can you tell me what this is before I head into work next week?15 years 2 weeks ago1387
I broke a vertebra in the lower part of my back, and the doctor wants to put a screw in it. I've heard stories about people being paralyzed from back surgery, and I don't want to wind up in a wheelchair. Should I let the doctor operate?17 years 29 weeks ago1927
I can't seem to get over a bad back. I've never had back problems before. This is my first experience. The doc says it's mechanical and I should go out and do what I can. But everytime I feel good, I seem to overdo it and then I'm back where I started from. How do I get out of this cycle?9 years 40 weeks ago2017
I can't seem to stop worrying about my low back pain. The doctor assures me it will go away with time and a few simple, daily exercises. The more I think about my situation, the more I hurt and the worse I feel. What can I do to stop this train of thought?11 years 47 weeks ago1714
I come from a long line of ranchers and farmers who work hard out doors. My own job is much easier as I do the bookkeeping, finances, and bill paying. Many of the ranch hands seem to get back pain of one kind or another. I'm wondering if there's any way we can screen our workers ahead of time to find who's at risk for back problems. It might save a lot of money in medical bills.12 years 44 weeks ago1404
I did everything the doctor told me to do and my back pain still keeps coming back. What am I doing wrong?9 years 39 weeks ago1623
I do a lot of heavy lifting at work, and I've had a few brief spells of low back pain over the years. Am I more likely than the average guy to have low back pain in the future?17 years 13 weeks ago1800
I don't get it. I'm active, I'm healthy. I do everything right for my health but the other day, I hurt my back and the doctor said I herniated a disc. I'm only 28. How did that happen?10 years 10 hours ago1700
I don't have a very good health insurance policy. At the same time, I need a spinal fusion in my lumbar spine. My doctor has suggested trying a temporary fusion using screws to hold the spine in place for a week. How will this save me money? If it works, I'll have two surgeries to pay for.13 years 33 weeks ago1448
I don't have back pain but there is a spot that is just plain stiff. Are there any exercises I can do to loosen this up?11 years 12 weeks ago1468
I don't have health insurance. So please tell me what I can do to treat a mild disc herniation without surgery.10 years 14 weeks ago1488
I don't have much time to exercise but I want to keep my back strong for my job. Is there one single exercise I can do that will cover all the bases?14 years 29 weeks ago1600
I don't know what I did, but I tweaked my back and now I have a full-blown back problem. Would an MRI help?12 years 9 weeks ago1521
I don't understand it. Every test I had suggested my back pain was coming from the spinal joints. But when I had a steroid injection, nothing happened. I still have the same pain. What happened?11 years 27 weeks ago1362
I dropped out of college after two semesters because I could tell I just wasn't cut out for Wall Street. I'm perfectly happy working in a big box store waiting on customers and stocking shelves. All the other workers assure me that sooner or later I'll hurt my back. If that really happens, would I be out of work? If that's the case, then maybe I should go back to school and finish my business degree.9 years 37 weeks ago1737
I feel like my low back pain is going to last forever. When will it go away?17 years 48 weeks ago2207
I feel terrible. My neck and back hurt, my head aches, and I'm constantly tired. My adult children want me to see their chiropractor. I'd rather just wait and see if it goes away. What's the best thing to do, really?10 years 27 weeks ago1853
I fell off a ladder at work and fractured one of the bones in my lower back. My doctor put me in a brace and told me to lie low. But I'm sick of staying in bed all day. Is it okay for me to move around?17 years 29 weeks ago1991
I filled out a form at the rehab clinic when I went there for a problem with back pain. Most of the questions were about work and sex. I am retired and widowed. Why do they make us fill out forms like this that don't even apply to me?15 years 2 weeks ago1484
I found out I have a small bone spur pressing on my L5 spinal nerve. So far, I just have a few twinges of back pain, nothing serious. What can I expect to happen if this gets worse?10 years 23 weeks ago2122
I found out I have a very small (quarter inch) difference in the length of my legs. The right is shorter than the left. Should I do anything about it?13 years 6 weeks ago1445

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