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I get a burning sensation in my lower back if I stand on my feet at work for more than two hours. My mother had back surgery years ago and felt much better afterward. She thinks maybe I need back surgery too. Does it sound like I need surgery?17 years 13 weeks ago1928
I had a baby about six weeks ago, and I'm trying to get back in shape. Everytime I do any exercises I get back and hip pain. Is this normal?14 years 50 weeks ago1605
I had a baby three months ago and am wondering why my back still hurts. It started the last couple months of my pregnancy. I thought once I delivered, it would stop hurting. Is there something wrong?17 years 33 weeks ago1844
I had a back injury last year that seems to be fully recovered. Sometimes though I'll turn just the right way and get a twinge of pain. It makes me wonder if there isn't some kind of exercise I should be doing to protect my back. What do you suggest?13 years 44 weeks ago1470
I had a balloon kyphoplasty that seemed to work at first but then later, the spine collapsed again. Was there anything that could have been done differently to make this work better?10 years 41 weeks ago1585
I had a bone tumor taken out of my spine along with a fair amount of bone. The doctor replaced the missing bone with a titanium, mesh cage. X-rays show the cage is fractured. Now what will happen?15 years 2 weeks ago1639
I had a complete discectomy six months ago and now I'm having the same back and leg pain again. How is this possible? I thought once the disc was removed the problem was solved.13 years 40 weeks ago2194
I had a complex back surgery and ended up with headaches, back, and leg pain. The surgeon told me there's a tear in the dural sac called a durotomy. I've been advised to have another operation to repair the problem. What will happen if I don't do it?13 years 11 weeks ago1560
I had a disc removed after suffering back and leg pain for over two years. The pain is better, but I'm still not very sure footed. Will I ever get back to normal?13 years 22 weeks ago1423
I had a disc removed from my low back about two years ago. It's been nothing but trouble since then. I thought this operation was supposed to help. What went wrong?10 years 47 weeks ago2065
I had a disc removed from my lower back. It was supposed to be a simple surgery but I ended up with a dural tear. How often does this happen?13 years 11 weeks ago1841
I had a disc removed from my lumbar spine about five years ago. The doctor says it has filled in with scar tissue. That's what's causing the return of my pain. Is it worth it to have another operation to remove the scar tissue? I guess it's wrapped around the nerve, and that's what's causing all the trouble.11 years 43 weeks ago1654
I had a discectomy about a year ago. Now I have the same symptoms again. How is that possible? Once the disc is gone, how can it cause any symptoms?12 years 26 weeks ago1602
I had a discography to confirm a bad disc before having surgery to remove it. When the surgery was done, they didn't find anything wrong with the disc. The doctor said the test was a "false-positive." Why wasn't the test accurate?12 years 39 weeks ago1314
I had a fusion at L45 two years ago. The follow-up X-rays show some deterioration at the L34 level. I'm not having any pain or problems. Does this mean I'll eventually need another fusion?10 years 40 weeks ago2055
I had a fusion done at the L3-L4 lumbar spinal level. The doctor tells me the fusion is a success. Shouldn't I feel stiff in the low back area?13 years 22 weeks ago2088
I had a herniated disc removed at L45. The pathology report says it was a grade III specimen with crystal deposition. What does this mean exactly?11 years 19 weeks ago2087
I had a laminectomy two years ago at two levels in the lumbar spine. No matter how much I exercise or what I do, I can't seem to get my strength back. Is that typical?13 years 6 weeks ago1415
I had a lidocaine injection into my SI joint and ended up with sciatica on top of the low back pain. What causes that?12 years 49 weeks ago1625
I had a lumbar discectomy eight months ago for terrible sciatica. Unfortunately, I still have the pain. It is better, but not by much. Should I have a second surgery? It seems like the only option left open to me.11 years 10 weeks ago1671
I had a lumbar fusion 10 years ago. My doctor says that I have adjacent segment disease. What does that mean.10 years 24 weeks ago1914
I had a lumbar fusion at L5S1 and ended up with problems in the sacroiliac joint on both sides. My low back pain is better but now I have SI pain. Is this a typical response after surgery?10 years 33 weeks ago2690
I had a lumbar spinal fusion from L3 to L5. The X-ray shows that one side took better than the other. I don't feel any different from one side to the other. Should I?10 years 39 weeks ago1974
I had a nerve block injection into my spine two weeks ago. I didn't get any relief from my constant back and leg pain. Is it possible the surgeon just missed the nerve?12 years 36 weeks ago1471
I had a nerve block to stop my low back pain from a chronic facet joint problem. I got good pain relief for about a year. It's starting to come back now. Should I have this same treatment again soon?14 years 4 weeks ago1643
I had a series of bad days with low back pain -- couldn't walk, couldn't work, could hardly get out of bed. I was so glad when that cleared up, I vowed I would do whatever it takes to keep from going through that again. Before I could turn around, it hit me again. My orthopedic surgeon thinks I never really recovered from the first episode. How can they tell that?9 years 37 weeks ago1725
I had a special operation to fuse my low back called a TLIF. I was warned about all the possible complications but I never once thought anything bad would happen to me. I ended up with too much bone growth in the area of the fusion and mow my nerve pain is worse than before. What are my chances that this will all go away like a bad dream?9 years 22 weeks ago2242
I had a spinal fusion about 10 years ago. The surgeon took out the disc and used bone chips from my hip to fuse the two bones together. Now I need another fusion. This time they want to put screws and a cage filled with bone chips. Why is this necessary? The last fusion was much simpler and worked just fine.13 years 13 weeks ago1802
I had a spinal fusion at L34 for a slipped vertebra. The X-ray shows it didn't take. The doctor says I have a "pseudofusion." Will I have to have the surgery again?12 years 44 weeks ago2197
I had a spinal fusion at the L45 level. It didn’t heal and the X-ray shows no fusion. Why did this happen?13 years 22 weeks ago1741

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