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I had a spinal fusion at three levels last winter. It's been six months and I'm just finally getting rid of the spinal brace the doctor gave me. My neighbor had the same surgery and she only wore the brace two weeks. If I didn't wear mine, my back and ribs started aching. She never had any symptoms. Why the difference?14 years 29 weeks ago1453
I had a spinal fusion six months ago that didn't turn out as expected. The rods and screws used to hold the bones together got infected and loosened up. What causes this to happen? Did I do something wrong?13 years 48 weeks ago1577
I had a spinal fusion some years ago. I hear that people like me can develop a problem called transitional syndrome after fusion. What is that?11 years 42 weeks ago2236
I had a spinal fusion that didn't work. X-rays show there's still movement at that level, and I still have disabling pain. The doctor wants me to try a device that emits electromagnetic waves to build up the bone. Can't I get cancer from this? Isn't it the same energy waves that power lines put out?15 years 2 weeks ago1648
I had a spinal fusion that is fully healed now. Other patients I've talked to who've had this operation then had the screws taken out after the fusion is solid. Should I do this too?14 years 1 week ago1570
I had a spinal fusion two years ago that worked pretty well. I remember having a great deal of pain after the surgery. I'm scheduled to have another fusion at a different spot in my spine. Is there any way to get around the post-operative pain?10 years 51 weeks ago1450
I had a spinal fusion with a titanium cage between the bones from the front and two screws in the back. The surgeon says the operation was a 100 percent success. How come I don't feel any better? I still have pain, and I can't walk very far.13 years 2 weeks ago1483
I had a steroid injection for sciatica caused by a herniated disc. Three weeks later I was in the hospital with meningitis. Is there any connection between the two events?11 years 34 weeks ago1452
I had a steroid injection into my sacroiliac joint and the pain went away in two days. What a relief. But it only lasted three months. So I had a second injection but got no pain relief at all. What happened? Should I try for a third?9 years 35 weeks ago2049
I had a steroid injection into my spine to help relieve severe sciatica. The insurance company denied the claim. They said that sciatica will get better on its own, and steroid injection is not needed. Can I fight this?11 years 39 weeks ago1448
I had a total disc replacement done at L34 about six months ago. The X-rays show the implant has started to sink down into the vertebral bone. What can be done about this?11 years 33 weeks ago1688
I had a total disc replacement six months ago. I'm very pleased with the results. I can move pain free again. However, I'm concerned because my first set of X-rays showed everything was fine. On my latest X-rays, the disc height is less at the place where the implant is located. Is this serious? What could cause it?10 years 24 weeks ago1476
I had a vaginal hysterectomy so no muscles were cut. Even so I'm having back pain and weakness. How do you explain this?12 years 42 weeks ago1486
I had a very small amount of disc material removed from the L3-4 area of my lumbar spine. I ended up with more scar tissue than disc. My symptoms are worse now than they ever were before the operation. Does this happen very often? And why does the body make so much scar tissue?10 years 21 weeks ago1592
I had an aneurysmal bone cyst removed from the T12/L1 vertebrae. The doctor rebuilt the spine using a new titanium cage. What's to keep this device in place? Why doesn't it pop out when I bend over?15 years 2 weeks ago2049
I had an artificial disc put in at the L3/4 level in my spine. Before the operation I had severe back pain. The back pain is gone, but now I have leg pain I didn't have before. Is this common?14 years 33 weeks ago1779
I had an artificial disc put in my back at the L34 level. I've had just as much pain afterwards as I did before if not more. The doctor has me trying different medications so I can keep working. Is there anything else that can be done?12 years 21 weeks ago1596
I had an injection into my sacroiliac joint that seemed to help but the effects didn't last. Should I try it again?10 years 8 weeks ago1962
I had an L45 lumbar fusion two years ago. Everything was going fine but now the tests show the segment above is starting to fall apart. How often does this happen?12 years 33 weeks ago2242
I had an L45 spinal fusion that didn't work. The X-ray showed a lack of fusion. What should I do now?12 years 21 weeks ago1998
I had an MRI done because of low back pain. The doctor said it was negative. Wouldn't it be better if patients had the full report?12 years 17 weeks ago1508
I had an MRI to find out what's causing my severe back and leg pain. The MRI showed a definite problem they thought was a tumor. I was scared to death. It turned out to be a synovial cyst. Did the doctors miss something on the MRI?12 years 35 weeks ago1411
I had an operation for a herniated disc where the surgeon just took out the pieces of the broken disc, not the whole disc. I knew I was taking a chance that the disc would herniate again. It's been four months and I'm starting to have back and leg pain again. What do I do now?13 years 40 weeks ago1572
I had an ultrasound treatment for low back pain. It only took five minutes and I didn't feel any better afterwards. Should I keep getting this treatment?14 years 33 weeks ago1605
I had back surgery for a disc herniation. I thought the goal was to reduce my pain by taking pressure off the nerve root. It's been three months and I still have the same symptoms. What can I do next?13 years 31 weeks ago1381
I had fusion surgery for a slipped vertebra. My back pain got better but I still have a nagging case of sciatica. Would it have helped if the surgeon took the disc out? Isn't that what's pressing on the nerve?11 years 14 weeks ago1470
I had low back surgery last week. There were no complications, but now my calf muscle is red and very sore. Is it related to my surgery?17 years 45 weeks ago1748
I had my first baby six weeks ago. I had back pain all through the last trimester. I thought by now my back pain would have gone away. Does this mean I'll have it the rest of my life?12 years 42 weeks ago1449
I had my first MRI to diagnose the problem with my low back. There were changes to suggest disc degeneration with a mild disc herniation. The radiologist's report says the changes seen on the MRI are stable. Is it possible for the spine to heal and go back to normal?11 years 48 weeks ago1420
I had my L4-5 fused about three years ago. Never felt better until last week. New X-rays show degeneration at L3-4 now. I was warned that the lack of motion at the fused level might take its toll on the next level above. I just didn't think it would happen to me. Should I have L3-4 fused? Or will I just end up with more problems?11 years 42 weeks ago1739

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