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My doctor is suggesting that I have back surgery to help my chronic pain. What should I consider before agreeing to it?11 years 34 weeks ago1182
Should I spend a lot of money on the equipment that is supposed to make my back stronger to keep my back from hurting so much?11 years 1 week ago1182
My husband has been having low back pain constantly for the last six weeks. The MRI showed an intradural lipoma. What is this?13 years 47 weeks ago1183
I hurt my back in a lifting accident at work. As part of my home program, the therapist insists that I sleep with a pillow between my legs. The knees and ankles both have to be supported by this pillow. What difference does this make, really?13 years 36 weeks ago1183
I'm thinking about having lumbar disc surgery. What are the success (failure) rates for this operation?15 years 49 weeks ago1183
I've read a couple reports that low back pain is common in adults of all ages. Since I'm an active adult and very athletic will I be spared this kind of problem?13 years 49 weeks ago1183
I've read that the best way to prevent a back injury while lifting is to increase the stability of the spine. What does that mean and how do I do it?13 years 6 weeks ago1183
I've been searching the web looking for some help for my back pain. I know from an MRI that I have a herniated disc at L4,5. What I can't find is -- what's the best treatment for this problem? Everywhere I look it's a different suggestion from bed rest to acupuncture to surgery. Is there any consensus?12 years 49 weeks ago1183
My husband had a disc replacement in his low back two weeks ago. The surgeon wants him to continue with physical therapy, but he doesn't like to exercise. Will it really make a difference if he quits now?11 years 46 weeks ago1183
My doctor has suggested I see a psychologist to help me manage my chronic low back pain. The problem is that my insurance company won't pay for it. I can't afford it on my own. What else can I do?11 years 46 weeks ago1183
If I have injured my back in a work accident, does that mean it's easier for me to hurt my back again?11 years 40 weeks ago1183
I have benefited from trigger point injections in the past. Is it worth having them repeated for my chronic low back pain?10 years 50 weeks ago1183
I've heard there's a way to tell if fusing the low back will help reduce pain by using screws into the spine. Can you tell me more about this?13 years 37 weeks ago1184
I'm going to have two levels of my lumbar spine fused with titanium rods and bone graft. Why are both needed? Wouldn't the rods be enough support?13 years 23 weeks ago1184
I've heard that recent studies show most low back pain is really the result of psychosocial stresses. If this is true, then why do they fuse the spine?13 years 36 weeks ago1184
I've had low back pain off and on over the years. I notice when I carry a backpack I have much more discomfort, even when the backpack isn't that heavy. Other people don't have pain when wearing a backpack. What's my problem?13 years 40 weeks ago1184
I hurt my back playing tennis last week. I always hear about tennis elbow (which I've never had), but never about back injuries. Are back injuries unusual in tennis players?14 years 9 weeks ago1184
I've had a couple of episodes of low back pain lasting several weeks to a month. My doctor did an MRI that showed degenerative disc disease at L345. My job involves some lifting. Am I more likely to hurt myself big-time because of this disc problem?12 years 7 weeks ago1184
I'm going to have surgery on my back and my doctor said he would be using implants. What type of implants do they use and how do they work?11 years 34 weeks ago1184
I saw a special pamphlet for patients having spinal fusion that my doctor gave me. There was a picture of the patient face down on an operating table but in a kneeling position. This seems odd to me. Why don't they just put me flat on my belly when they operate?10 years 48 weeks ago1184
I saw an ad for artificial disc replacement saying, "Natural motion is back." I've had chronic back pain for 10 years. Could something like this help me?13 years 27 weeks ago1185
I've had back pain off and on for the last six months. The doctor can't find anything wrong and has strongly advised me to exercise. How can I exercise when my back hurts?14 years 50 weeks ago1185
I started having back pain after my second child was born. I've always thought it was caused by the pregnancy but my doctor thinks it's the workload of caring for children. Are there any studies on this?12 years 30 weeks ago1185
My husband and I are planning to travel to Japan. We know they have a custom there of removing their shoes in the homes. My husband has foot drop and must wear a brace and shoe to keep from falling. How do we handle this when it's time to remove the shoes?11 years 43 weeks ago1185
It seems like more and more of my work buddies are coming to work complaining of back pain. Is it just because we're all getting older? Am I going to be next?11 years 40 weeks ago1185
I see these new low-heat wraps you can buy at the pharmacy. I've been thinking about using it for my back pain. But I thought you weren't supposed to use heat for more than 20 minutes. These heatwraps last up to eight hours. Can I use it safely?11 years 18 weeks ago1185
If my TNFa level is elevated and I have back pain, will it decrease when my back pain goes away?10 years 44 weeks ago1185
I keep hearing that the cost of caring for people with low back pain is skyrocketing. Where's all the money going?10 years 28 weeks ago1185
My doctor tells me if I have surgery to remove a disc from my spine that I'm at increased risk for problems afterward because I'm overweight. Just what kind of problems are we talking about?14 years 17 weeks ago1186
I've been exercising on my own after finishing a back rehab program for an injury six months ago. The therapist gave me balance exercises to do. I get on my hands and knees and lift one leg and the opposite arm. I really hate doing these. Are they important enough to keep in the program?14 years 33 weeks ago1186

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