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An "Expectorant" for Back Pain16 years 3 weeks ago1739
An Inside Look at the Multifidus Muscle in Back Pain12 years 22 weeks ago1666
Anterior Lumbar Surgery: Just How Safe Is It?14 years 19 weeks ago1511
Aquatic Exercise Benefits Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain9 years 32 weeks ago4652
Are All Those Low Back Exercises Really Doing Something?17 years 6 weeks ago1760
Are Muscle Relaxants a Good Idea for Back Pain?15 years 15 weeks ago1586
Are Sports Activities Linked with Disc Degeneration?10 years 4 weeks ago2410
Artificial Bone Substitute for Spinal Fusion12 years 26 weeks ago1621
Artificial Disc Replacement Holds Up Well After Spine Trauma9 years 23 weeks ago4450
Artificial Disc Replacements May Not Last a Lifetime12 years 1 week ago1608
Artificial Disc Replacements Must Reach Insurance Payers' Standards12 years 10 weeks ago1454
Artificial Disc Replacements: The Next Generation14 years 31 weeks ago1552
Asking More of the Abdominal Muscles13 years 45 weeks ago1458
Asking the Right Questions about Back Pain16 years 25 weeks ago1559
Athletes Go to the Core for Better Back Strength16 years 50 weeks ago1565
Athletes, Look Forward When Watching Your Back17 years 2 weeks ago1635
Back and Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy16 years 5 weeks ago1648
Back Injury: Is Everything Back When the Pain is Gone?16 years 9 weeks ago1538
Back Pain Again? Researchers Offer New Clues14 years 47 weeks ago1480
Back Pain Again? Why Me?9 years 38 weeks ago2682
Back Pain Can Be a Real Pain in the Backside17 years 37 weeks ago1663
Back Pain Continues Despite Advances in Medical Knowledge10 years 6 weeks ago2347
Back Pain Got You Down Under? Aussies Fear Not17 years 2 weeks ago1596
Back Pain Improves Quickest with a Specific Treatment Program15 years 12 weeks ago1484
Back Pain in Nurses13 years 15 weeks ago2026
Back Pain in Pregnant Women: More Than a Snapshot9 years 14 weeks ago5249
Back Pain in the Balance14 years 41 weeks ago1603
Back Pain Is Inevitable, Treatment Is Optional16 years 16 weeks ago1461
Back Pain Research: No New Answers, No New Solutions10 years 33 weeks ago2382
Back Pain Wears Me Out--or Does It?18 years 3 days ago2437

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