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What Do We Know About Epidural Steroid Injections for Back Pain?11 years 39 weeks ago1446
Steroid Injections for Sciatica from Disc Protrusion11 years 39 weeks ago2480
Determining Status of Discs Around Area to Be Fused Does Not Appear to Affect Surgery Outcome11 years 39 weeks ago1472
Better Results with Evidence-Based Care for Low Back Pain11 years 40 weeks ago1493
Beware Research Results Sponsored by Drug Companies11 years 40 weeks ago1539
Update on the Mechanisms of Chronic Pain11 years 40 weeks ago1472
How To Prevent Back Pain-Related Disability and Work Absence11 years 40 weeks ago1547
Treatment for Disc Herniation: Does Surgery Make a Difference?11 years 40 weeks ago1519
Early Diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis is Important11 years 40 weeks ago45062
How Are Different Back Interventions Chosen?11 years 40 weeks ago1474
Spinal Surgery Provides Higher Incidence of Relief for Spinal Stenosis11 years 41 weeks ago1510
Can Exercise Help Relieve Lower Back Pain?11 years 41 weeks ago1686
Use of Patient Education Material Back Book Has Positive Effect on Lower Back Pain Among Elderly11 years 41 weeks ago1439
Can Back Pain Prevention Programs Reduce Ecomonic Losses From Lower Back Pain Injuries?11 years 42 weeks ago1707
Reliability of Tests for Low Back Pain11 years 42 weeks ago1502
Does Chronic Back Pain Respond Better to Surgery or Conservative Management?11 years 43 weeks ago1465
Total Lumbar Disc Replacement Success Associated with Lumbar Motion Segment11 years 43 weeks ago1463
Results of Surgery for Disc Disease on Foot Drop11 years 43 weeks ago2375
Epidural Steroid Injection for Low Back Pain11 years 44 weeks ago1475
New Technology for Spinal Stenosis11 years 44 weeks ago1491
Facet Joint Pain and Chronic Low Back Pain After Surgery11 years 44 weeks ago1502
No Consensus So Far on Best Way to Prevent Disability Following Back Injury11 years 44 weeks ago1444
Can Back Pain Prevention Programs Reduce Economic Losses From Lower Back Pain Injuries?11 years 44 weeks ago1436
Case Report of Chiari Formation Affecting the Cauda Equina11 years 45 weeks ago1576
Results of Lumbar Disc Replacement Improved11 years 46 weeks ago1809
Questions About Steroid Injections for Back Pain11 years 46 weeks ago1517
Chronic Back Pain Responds Well to Psychological Treatment11 years 46 weeks ago1443
Differences in Movement Pattern in Low Back Pain11 years 47 weeks ago1462
Longer Operative Time Needed for Minimally Invasive Surgery11 years 47 weeks ago1441
Long-Term X-ray Findings After Spinal Fusion11 years 47 weeks ago1681

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