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Comparing Artificial Disc Replacement at One- Versus Two-Levels12 years 14 weeks ago1491
Physical Therapy for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis12 years 15 weeks ago1445
Neurologic Symptoms After Steroid Injection12 years 16 weeks ago1765
Results of Revision Surgery After Failed Spinal Fusion12 years 16 weeks ago1874
Magnetic Nerve Stimulation Used to Diagnose Piriformis Syndrome12 years 17 weeks ago1462
Should Back Pain Be Ignored?12 years 17 weeks ago1520
Risks with Anterior Revision Procedures12 years 17 weeks ago1460
Using Work Status as an Outcome Measure After Back Surgery12 years 17 weeks ago1457
Backache Index (BAI): New Tool for Measuring Treatment Success12 years 17 weeks ago1500
Evidence Demands Compliance in Care of Acute Low Back Pain12 years 20 weeks ago1488
An Inside Look at the Multifidus Muscle in Back Pain12 years 22 weeks ago1666
Repositioning Test Is Not Useful For Low Back Pain12 years 22 weeks ago1443
Low Back Pain: No Benefit from Stabilization Exercises12 years 22 weeks ago1505
MRI for Low Back Pain: Abnormalities Are Not Linked to Symptoms12 years 22 weeks ago1446
Emotional Distress Linked to Chronic Low Back Pain12 years 22 weeks ago1449
Lumbar Neutral Zone Exercises Prevent Low Back Pain12 years 23 weeks ago1484
Factors Contributing to Disability in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis12 years 23 weeks ago1437
Minimal Wear Debris with Charité Artificial Disc12 years 24 weeks ago1463
Perfect Candidate for Artificial Disc Replacement12 years 24 weeks ago1481
New Trends in Lumbar Spine Surgery12 years 24 weeks ago1490
Nerve Blocks Help Back Pain Patients Avoid Surgery12 years 25 weeks ago1468
The Importance of Classifying Back Pain12 years 25 weeks ago1480
Artificial Bone Substitute for Spinal Fusion12 years 26 weeks ago1621
When to Use the ProDisc II Total Disc Replacement12 years 26 weeks ago1455
Rehab After Lumbar Disc Surgery12 years 28 weeks ago1611
Review of Treatmemt for Back Pain: What Works, What Doesn't12 years 28 weeks ago1447
Predicting Disability After Lumbar Disc Surgery12 years 29 weeks ago1437
Women and Low Back Pain: Is There a Hormonal Link?12 years 30 weeks ago1492
Three Spinal Fusion Methods Compared12 years 30 weeks ago1508
Pilates Method Used to Treat Low Back Pain12 years 30 weeks ago1462

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