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Spondylolysis: A More Complete Picture9 years 38 weeks ago2709
Are Sports Activities Linked with Disc Degeneration?9 years 38 weeks ago2326
Protruded Disc Disease Has Higher Recurrence of Disc Herniation9 years 38 weeks ago2826
Injections Not Proven to Help Relieve Subacute and Chronic Low Back Pain9 years 38 weeks ago2329
Lower Back Pain Frequently Originates Elsewhere9 years 38 weeks ago2466
Percutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation Appears Effective Treatment for Some Types of Lower Back Pain9 years 39 weeks ago2133
What You Need to Know About the New ICF Model for Low Back Pain Patients9 years 40 weeks ago3222
Back Pain Continues Despite Advances in Medical Knowledge9 years 40 weeks ago2279
Does Having Low Back Pain One Time Mean You'll Have It Again?9 years 40 weeks ago2611
Understanding, Diagnosing and Treating Cauda Equina Syndrome9 years 41 weeks ago2951
Don't Blame Back Pain on Spinal Joints9 years 41 weeks ago2296
Reducing the Risk of Infection After Tumor Removal in the Sacrum9 years 43 weeks ago2788
Risk Factors Identified for Chronic Work Disability9 years 44 weeks ago2330
Surgery Has Superior Outcome in Treatment for Lumbar Disc Herniation9 years 44 weeks ago1901
Spinal Surgery Best Option for Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, and Instability9 years 44 weeks ago2287
So-Called Burned-Out Discs May Be Quite Painful9 years 44 weeks ago2666
Physical Therapists Recognizes Need For Emergency Care in Patient with Low Back Pain9 years 45 weeks ago1842
Work History Is An Important Factor in Disc Replacement9 years 46 weeks ago2083
Is Low Back Pain Caused By Spinal (Facet) Joint Arthritis?9 years 46 weeks ago2286
Physical Therapists Move Ahead With Research to Prevent Chronic Low Back Pain9 years 46 weeks ago1928
Research Shows Need for New Studies on Sacroiliac Joint Pain9 years 46 weeks ago2217
Patient Preference Major Deciding Factor in Lumbar Disc Herniation Treatment9 years 46 weeks ago2063
Treatment for Back Pain: What Works Best?9 years 47 weeks ago2247
New Evidence on Acupuncture for Low Back Pain9 years 47 weeks ago2295
Watch What You Read About Preventing Back Pain9 years 47 weeks ago2124
Farming Life and Back Pain9 years 50 weeks ago2401
Using X-rays to Identify Pelvic Instability9 years 50 weeks ago2295
Effect of Wearing a Corset After Lumbar Spinal Fusion9 years 50 weeks ago3088
CT Scan Instead of Fluoroscopy For Placement of Lumbar Drains of Cerebrospinal Fluid9 years 51 weeks ago4287
What is the Optimal Treatment for Lumbar Disc Herniation?10 years 6 days ago2480

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