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Low Back Pain and Golf - Getting Into the Swing of It9 years 20 weeks ago2202
Disc Degeneration - Can we help change the processs?9 years 20 weeks ago3725
Who's in Charge of Treating the Back Pain Patient? The Doctor or the Patient?9 years 20 weeks ago1870
Women Affected More Severely With Lower Back Pain9 years 22 weeks ago2027
Effect of Herniation Level on Results of Treatment9 years 22 weeks ago2260
Quality of Life After Lumbar Spine Fusion: What Is It?9 years 22 weeks ago3159
Success of Staffing Patterns in the Treatment of Low Back Pain9 years 23 weeks ago1972
Comparing Treatment Programs for Low Back Pain9 years 23 weeks ago2041
Dynesys System As An Alternative to Fusion Surgery for Lumbar Spondylolisthesis9 years 24 weeks ago2646
Benefit of Early Steroid Injection for Radicular Low Back Pain9 years 24 weeks ago2140
Coccydynia Caused by Calcium Crystal Deposition9 years 25 weeks ago4391
Reducing Scar Tissue After Lumbar Disc Surgery9 years 25 weeks ago4567
Update on Spinal Stenosis in Seniors9 years 27 weeks ago2233
Changing Patterns in Evaluating and Treating Chronic Low Back Pain9 years 27 weeks ago1873
Does Gender Make a Difference With Sciatica?9 years 27 weeks ago2263
Latest Summary of Treatment for Lumbar Disk Herniation9 years 27 weeks ago2238
Radiological Features of Lumbar Spinal Lesions in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis9 years 28 weeks ago2535
Lumbar Adjacent Segment Degeneration and Disease After Arthrodesis and Total Disc Arthroplasty.9 years 28 weeks ago2338
Total Disc Replacement In Postdiscectomy Patients Versus Patients with No Previous Lumbar Surgery9 years 28 weeks ago2534
Driver Reaction Time Following Selective Nerve Root Block9 years 28 weeks ago1997
Can Physical Therapy Reduce the Total Cost of Care for Low Back Pain?9 years 28 weeks ago2043
Is Exercise Helpful For Low Back Pain?9 years 28 weeks ago2183
Changes in Discs and Facet Joints After Total Disc Replacement9 years 28 weeks ago2390
New Understanding of the Short-Term Benefits of Disc Surgery9 years 28 weeks ago1868
Risk Factors for Next Level Vertebral Degeneration After Spinal Fusion9 years 29 weeks ago1919
Partial Discectomy Helps Prevent Reherniation9 years 29 weeks ago2905
Back School Improves Quality of Life Among Back Pain Sufferers9 years 30 weeks ago1987
No Magic Answers To Long Spinal Fusions for Scoliosis9 years 31 weeks ago2561
Use of Prostaglandin E1 for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis9 years 31 weeks ago2404
New Guidelines for First-Line Care for Chronic Low Back Pain9 years 31 weeks ago1965

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