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Researchers Put the Twist on Back Muscles16 years 39 weeks ago1732
Three Generations of Surgery for Disc Herniation16 years 38 weeks ago1524
Defining Best Treatments to Help Back Pain Sufferers Return to Work16 years 38 weeks ago1490
IDET? You Bet16 years 38 weeks ago1815
Gonna Go "Back" in Time16 years 38 weeks ago1612
Treading Lightly to Ease Back Pain16 years 37 weeks ago1617
Wrap Up Low Back Pain16 years 37 weeks ago1744
Stapling the Lid on Low Back Pain16 years 36 weeks ago1839
Backing Up Back Treatments That Work16 years 35 weeks ago1685
Keeping Lumbar Fusion "Simple"16 years 34 weeks ago1725
Fusion Fact Finding16 years 34 weeks ago1876
Children Brace Themselves for Sports16 years 33 weeks ago2066
Spine Fusion Update: Are Women More Magnetic Than Men?16 years 29 weeks ago1602
Defining Best Treatments for Sciatica16 years 29 weeks ago1580
Back Surgery Isn't Only about Pain16 years 29 weeks ago1679
Rest or Activity: Which Is Better for Low Back Pain?16 years 29 weeks ago1536
Backing Up Physical Therapy Treatments for Pregnant Women16 years 29 weeks ago1607
One Up or Down: Disc Herniation after Spine Fusion16 years 24 weeks ago3836
Aggressive Approach to Stop Severe Spine Pain16 years 24 weeks ago1729
My Back Hurts Too, Eh?16 years 24 weeks ago1623
Corking the Dike of Chronic Nerve Pain16 years 24 weeks ago1576
Retiring from Back Pain16 years 24 weeks ago1602
Asking the Right Questions about Back Pain16 years 24 weeks ago1559
Sacrum's Fate when Tests Don't Equate16 years 24 weeks ago1613
Delivering Helpful Strategies for Pelvic Pain after Pregnancy16 years 24 weeks ago1442
Activity, Not Bed Rest, Best for Back Pain16 years 24 weeks ago1925
Getting in a Slump to Get Out of Back Pain16 years 24 weeks ago1489
Exercise the Back, Roman Style16 years 24 weeks ago1539
A Sore Case of Piriformis Syndrome16 years 24 weeks ago2382
Back X-rays Can See if Your Slip Is Showing16 years 24 weeks ago1893

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