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Does Chronic Back Pain Respond Better to Surgery or Conservative Management?11 years 43 weeks ago1465
Does Exercise Really Help People with Low Back Pain?18 years 1 week ago2853
Does Fear Predict the Future of Low Back Pain?12 years 45 weeks ago1468
Does Gender Make a Difference With Sciatica?10 years 27 weeks ago2541
Does Having Low Back Pain One Time Mean You'll Have It Again?10 years 6 weeks ago2671
Does Physical Activity Prevent Low Back Pain?9 years 40 weeks ago2661
Does Physical Fitness Decline with Chronic Back Pain?11 years 26 weeks ago1494
Does the Patient's Position Affect the Results of Spinal Fusion?10 years 48 weeks ago2548
Does Timing of Surgery for Cauda Equina Lesion Matter?12 years 1 week ago1457
Doing the Math for Best Results after Lumbar Stenosis Surgery14 years 46 weeks ago1483
Don't Blame Back Pain on Spinal Joints10 years 7 weeks ago2368
Drawing Conclusions About Back Pain and Depression13 years 31 weeks ago1502
Driver Reaction Time Following Selective Nerve Root Block10 years 28 weeks ago2241
Dynamic Instrumentation an Effective Option for Degenerative Spine Disorders in Some Patients11 years 11 weeks ago4299
Dynamic X-rays of the Lumbar Spine: How Useful Are They?11 years 17 weeks ago2583
Dynesys System As An Alternative to Fusion Surgery for Lumbar Spondylolisthesis10 years 24 weeks ago2850
Early Diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis is Important11 years 40 weeks ago45062
Early Lumbar Disc Reherniation After Partial Discectomy11 years 4 weeks ago5675
Early Rehab after Lumbar Disc Removal16 years 13 weeks ago2014
Education Can Play Role in Reducing Impact of Chronic Low Back Pain11 years 7 hours ago1812
Effect of Herniation Level on Results of Treatment10 years 22 weeks ago2464
Effect of Low-Level Heat Therapy on Low Back Pain11 years 18 weeks ago1651
Effect of Physical Therapy on Back Pain12 years 30 weeks ago1470
Effect of Wearing a Corset After Lumbar Spinal Fusion10 years 16 weeks ago3169
Effects of Surgery for Low Back Pain on Overall Health14 years 13 weeks ago1469
Eight Recommendations for the Management of Chronic Low Back Pain9 years 39 weeks ago2372
Emotional Distress Linked to Chronic Low Back Pain12 years 21 weeks ago1446
Emotional Distress Negatively Affects Patients After Spinal Fusion13 years 15 weeks ago1472
Emotional Distress Predicts Disability in Low Back Pain12 years 35 weeks ago1479
Emotional Health Linked with Results of Low Back Pain Fusion12 years 38 weeks ago1479

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