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Early Lumbar Disc Reherniation After Partial Discectomy10 years 29 weeks ago5505
Mindfulness Meditation Appears to Help Older Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain10 years 29 weeks ago1523
Acceptance, Rather than Resignation, of Low Back Pain Can Improve Quality of Life10 years 30 weeks ago2344
Improving Back Pain: How Much Is Enough10 years 30 weeks ago2422
Identifying Low Back Pain with Neurologic Involvement10 years 30 weeks ago1792
Multidisciplinary Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain: When Should It Begin?10 years 31 weeks ago1554
McKenzie Treatment Versus Strength Training for Chronic Low Back Pain10 years 31 weeks ago1715
Measuring Spinal Motion After Artificial Disc Replacements10 years 32 weeks ago1831
Update on the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain10 years 32 weeks ago1707
Minimally Invasive One-Sided Microdecompression for Spinal Stenosis10 years 33 weeks ago4746
ProDisc Total Replacements Take Less Time in Operating Room Than Do Circumferential Lumbar Fusions10 years 33 weeks ago2712
Tears in Discs Change with Aging10 years 33 weeks ago1895
Using Fluoroscopy to Guide Epidural Steroid Injections10 years 35 weeks ago10010
Can Core Exercises Really Prevent or Cure Back Pain?10 years 35 weeks ago2911
Controversy Over New Clinical Guidelines for Low Back Pain10 years 36 weeks ago2019
Extension Exercises for Subgroups of Patients with Low Back Pain10 years 36 weeks ago1786
Dynamic Instrumentation an Effective Option for Degenerative Spine Disorders in Some Patients10 years 36 weeks ago4238
Fluoroscopically Guided Intra-articular Injection Helps Differentiate Pain Generator in Hip and Lumbar Pain10 years 36 weeks ago10242
Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty XRay vs. CT Imaging10 years 37 weeks ago1969
Comparison of Lumbar Supports in Sitting10 years 37 weeks ago1857
Improved Surgical Treatment for Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Stenosis10 years 37 weeks ago1791
Classification and Treatment of Spinal Curve Deformities10 years 38 weeks ago3070
Optimal Care for Adults with Scoliosis10 years 38 weeks ago1713
Size of Spinal Canal Does Not Predict Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis10 years 39 weeks ago2292
Outcomes in Direct Repair of Pars Defects at Multiple Levels10 years 40 weeks ago3216
Chronic Low Back Pain, Psychosocial Distress, and Disability10 years 40 weeks ago1917
Predicting Results of Surgery for Sciatica10 years 40 weeks ago2029
Measuring Heatlh Care Workers' Attitudes and Beliefs About Low Back Pain10 years 40 weeks ago1629
Failed Back Surgery Syndrome: What's the Next Step?10 years 40 weeks ago3726
No Statistical Differences Found Between Patients with 1- or 2-Level ProDisc Replacement10 years 41 weeks ago1757

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