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Epidural Injections Give a Knock-Down Punch to Low Back Pain17 years 48 weeks ago1904
Epidural Steroid Injection for Low Back Pain11 years 44 weeks ago1475
Everyone Benefits When Workers with Back Pain Stay Active15 years 12 weeks ago1475
Evidence Against the Use of Shoe Insoles to Prevent Low Back Pain9 years 38 weeks ago6225
Evidence Demands Compliance in Care of Acute Low Back Pain12 years 19 weeks ago1487
Evidence to Support the McKenzie Method for Chronic Low Back Pain11 years 7 hours ago2114
Evidence-Based Approach to Back Pain9 years 34 weeks ago3723
Examining Low Back Pain after Pregnancy16 years 17 weeks ago1543
Examining Neck and Back Pain: Can We Predict the Response to Treatment?9 years 10 weeks ago8530
Exercise and Education Using the CBT Approach for Chronic Low Back Pain11 years 28 weeks ago1500
Exercise and Low Back Pain13 years 46 weeks ago1498
Exercise or Encouragement: Which Works Better after Back Surgery?15 years 19 weeks ago1444
Exercise Regularly to Beat Chronic Low Back Pain14 years 40 weeks ago1491
Exercise the Back, Roman Style16 years 24 weeks ago1539
Exercise Works for Chronic Back Pain16 years 24 weeks ago1523
Exercise: The "Drug" of Choice for Back Pain14 years 49 weeks ago1485
Experienced Doctors Give Advice for Disc Surgery15 years 29 weeks ago1462
Extension Exercises for Subgroups of Patients with Low Back Pain11 years 11 weeks ago1849
Extreme Disc Herniation15 years 7 weeks ago1716
Facet Distention Sign in Spinal Stenosis11 years 49 weeks ago1818
Facet Joint Pain and Chronic Low Back Pain After Surgery11 years 44 weeks ago1502
Factor Finding to Maximize Results after Back Fusion Surgery15 years 46 weeks ago1570
Factors Affecting Motion After Lumbar Disc Replacement11 years 25 weeks ago1756
Factors Affecting Patient Satisfaction with Health Care for Chronic Low Back Pain9 years 21 weeks ago11735
Factors Contributing to Disability in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis12 years 22 weeks ago1436
Factors Influencing Back Pain14 years 22 weeks ago1491
Failed Back Surgery Syndrome: What's the Next Step?11 years 15 weeks ago3833
Farming Life and Back Pain10 years 16 weeks ago2477
Fast Walking Helps Chase Away Low Back Pain15 years 37 weeks ago1883
Fast, Efficient Diagnosis of Low Back Pain10 years 41 weeks ago2214

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