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Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain: Reduce Symptoms and Increase Function11 years 46 weeks ago1344
Perfect Candidate for Artificial Disc Replacement11 years 37 weeks ago1345
Fusion No Better than Activity or Exercise for Chronic Back Pain11 years 49 weeks ago1349
The Link Between Psychosocial Factors at Work and Back Pain11 years 14 weeks ago1349
Comparing Walking Speed and Force for Patients with Back and Leg Pain10 years 50 weeks ago1349
Back Schools: How Much Does Your Back Really Learn?12 years 28 weeks ago1351
Poor Aerobic Fitness Linked with Low Back Pain12 years 15 weeks ago1351
Surgeons Offer Opinion on Treatment of Spondylolisthesis12 years 10 weeks ago1351
Transferring Low Back Pain Research Results to Clinical Practice11 years 46 weeks ago1351
New Tool For Evaluating Results of Treatment for Low Back Pain11 years 16 weeks ago1351
Does Timing of Surgery for Cauda Equina Lesion Matter?11 years 15 weeks ago1351
Paying a "Complement" to Other Health Providers15 years 13 weeks ago1352
Updated Review of Acupuncture as a Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain12 years 45 weeks ago1352
Guidelines for Low Back Pain: A Nice Suggestion?14 years 20 weeks ago1352
Physical Therapists Stimulate Thinking about Treatments for Low Back Pain13 years 23 weeks ago1352
MRI for Low Back Pain: Abnormalities Are Not Linked to Symptoms11 years 35 weeks ago1352
Longer Operative Time Needed for Minimally Invasive Surgery11 years 8 weeks ago1352
Total Lumbar Disc Replacement Success Associated with Lumbar Motion Segment11 years 4 weeks ago1352
Experienced Doctors Give Advice for Disc Surgery14 years 43 weeks ago1353
Spine Exercises Shown to Improve Function, without Changes in Muscle Fatigue14 years 28 weeks ago1353
Supercharged Results after Failed Lumbar Fusion14 years 10 weeks ago1353
Tipping the Scales in Favor of Lumbar Spinal Surgery13 years 27 weeks ago1353
FDA Keeps Tabs on Approved Devices for Spinal Fusion13 years 7 weeks ago1353
Things Heat Up with New Radiofrequency Device for Disc Problems13 years 5 weeks ago1353
First Report of Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement for Disc Herniation12 years 44 weeks ago1353
Incidence, Risk Factors, and Results of Nerve Pain After Surgery12 years 31 weeks ago1353
Treatment for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Still Debated12 years 23 weeks ago1353
Is IDET Safe and Effective for Low Back Pain?12 years 23 weeks ago1353
Low Back Strength Training for Older Adults Advised12 years 5 weeks ago1353
Differences in Movement Pattern in Low Back Pain11 years 8 weeks ago1353

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