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Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain: Reduce Symptoms and Increase Function11 years 33 weeks ago1306
Perfect Candidate for Artificial Disc Replacement11 years 24 weeks ago1306
Physical Therapy for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis11 years 15 weeks ago1310
Spine Fusion Methods and Materials Keep Getting Better and Better14 years 19 weeks ago1311
Fusion No Better than Activity or Exercise for Chronic Back Pain11 years 36 weeks ago1311
New Study Helps Define the Role of Radiofrequency for Spine Pain14 years 3 weeks ago1312
Nerve Blocks Help Back Pain Patients Avoid Surgery11 years 25 weeks ago1312
Lumbar Interbody Fusion Holds Up over Time13 years 19 weeks ago1313
Surgeons Offer Opinion on Treatment of Spondylolisthesis11 years 49 weeks ago1313
Transferring Low Back Pain Research Results to Clinical Practice11 years 33 weeks ago1313
Getting a Handle on the Best Treatments for Low Back Pain14 years 42 weeks ago1314
Does Fear Predict the Future of Low Back Pain?11 years 46 weeks ago1314
New Tool For Evaluating Results of Treatment for Low Back Pain11 years 3 weeks ago1314
Getting Beyond Guesswork in Predicting the Course of Low Back Pain15 years 6 weeks ago1315
Repositioning Test Is Not Useful For Low Back Pain11 years 22 weeks ago1315
Two Herbs Found Effective in Treating Acute Low Back Pain11 years 2 weeks ago1315
What Do We Know About Epidural Steroid Injections for Back Pain?10 years 39 weeks ago1315
Exercise or Encouragement: Which Works Better after Back Surgery?14 years 19 weeks ago1316
Treatment for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Still Debated12 years 10 weeks ago1316
Review of Treatmemt for Back Pain: What Works, What Doesn't11 years 28 weeks ago1316
MRI for Low Back Pain: Abnormalities Are Not Linked to Symptoms11 years 22 weeks ago1316
Physical Therapist Reports Back Pain From Cancer12 years 16 weeks ago1317
Risk Factors Leading to Recurrent Back Pain11 years 39 weeks ago1317
Does Timing of Surgery for Cauda Equina Lesion Matter?11 years 2 weeks ago1317
Can Back Pain Prevention Programs Reduce Economic Losses From Lower Back Pain Injuries?10 years 44 weeks ago1317
Understanding the Link between Low Back Pain and Distress14 years 33 weeks ago1318
FDA Keeps Tabs on Approved Devices for Spinal Fusion12 years 46 weeks ago1318
Lumbar Disc Replacement Linked with Improved Function12 years 25 weeks ago1318
Good Care Doesn't Always Mean Good Results for Low Back Pain Patients12 years 21 weeks ago1318
Spinal Stabilization Exercises Work Best for Chronic Low Back Pain11 years 34 weeks ago1318

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