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Effect of Physical Therapy on Back Pain12 years 30 weeks ago1470
New Tool For Evaluating Results of Treatment for Low Back Pain12 years 2 weeks ago1471
Going 'Round and 'Round on Tests for the Problem Disc16 years 13 weeks ago1472
Emotional Distress Negatively Affects Patients After Spinal Fusion13 years 15 weeks ago1472
Update on the Mechanisms of Chronic Pain11 years 40 weeks ago1472
Determining Status of Discs Around Area to Be Fused Does Not Appear to Affect Surgery Outcome11 years 39 weeks ago1472
The Nerve of Back Muscles and the Snowball Effect on Spinal Aging16 years 13 weeks ago1473
People With Low Back Pain Have Global Pain Hypersensitivity13 years 15 weeks ago1473
Review of Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures11 years 36 weeks ago1473
Impact of Low Back Problems on General Health12 years 40 weeks ago1474
How Are Different Back Interventions Chosen?11 years 40 weeks ago1474
Putting a Chemical Halt to the Flames of Disc Herniation16 years 9 weeks ago1475
Everyone Benefits When Workers with Back Pain Stay Active15 years 12 weeks ago1475
Smoking Linked with Muscle Weakness in Low Back14 years 30 weeks ago1475
Epidural Steroid Injection for Low Back Pain11 years 44 weeks ago1475
Doctors Review Nucleus Pulposus Implant13 years 6 weeks ago1476
Relationship between Gender and Low Back Pain14 years 13 weeks ago1476
Japanese Surgeons Report New Technique for Laminectomy13 years 10 weeks ago1476
Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol Use Not Uncommon Among People with Chronic Back or Neck Pain11 years 37 weeks ago1476
Steroids Can Help Ease the Pain of Disc Surgery15 years 2 weeks ago1478
Disk Replacement or Spinal Fusion: What's the Long-Term Benefit?12 years 7 weeks ago1478
Getting Back to Work After Low Back Pain12 years 6 days ago1478
Emotional Health Linked with Results of Low Back Pain Fusion12 years 38 weeks ago1479
Emotional Distress Predicts Disability in Low Back Pain12 years 35 weeks ago1479
The Importance of Classifying Back Pain12 years 24 weeks ago1479
Perfect Candidate for Artificial Disc Replacement12 years 24 weeks ago1479
Review of Newer Methods of Lumbar Spinal Fusion11 years 35 weeks ago1479
Position Statement on Back Pain15 years 29 weeks ago1480
Links between High Bone Mineral Density and Low Back Pain15 years 2 weeks ago1480
Back Pain Again? Researchers Offer New Clues14 years 46 weeks ago1480

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