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"Just the Facts" on Treating Herniated Discs16 years 41 weeks ago2382
"Preemptive Strike" in Spinal Surgery14 years 27 weeks ago1988
"X" Marks the Spot When Treating Low Back Pain17 years 35 weeks ago2996
A Breath of Fresh Air for People with Sacroiliac Joint Pain16 years 46 weeks ago2469
A guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis.10 years 43 weeks ago3111
A Model for Effectively Returning Athletes with Disc Problems Back to Sports15 years 29 weeks ago1968
A New Epidemic: Back Pain12 years 45 weeks ago2192
A New Look at Sciatica: X-ray Technology Brings Injections into Sharper Focus16 years 46 weeks ago2107
A New Spin on Discitis: Two Unusual Cases in Adults16 years 39 weeks ago3391
A Painful Tale about Tailbone Pain15 years 37 weeks ago2691
A Review of Available Interspinous Spacers9 years 33 weeks ago6184
A Review of Studies Assessing Efficacy and Safety of Spinal Manipulation and Mobilization in Treatment of Lower Back Pain10 years 49 weeks ago2795
A Self-Help Booklet: Does It Help with Back Pain?17 years 2 weeks ago2038
A Sore Case of Piriformis Syndrome16 years 20 weeks ago2374
A Three-Step Psychologic Exam of the Spine Patient10 years 47 weeks ago2657
Acceptance, Rather than Resignation, of Low Back Pain Can Improve Quality of Life11 years 1 week ago2492
Actively Leaving Low Back Pain Behind16 years 39 weeks ago1868
Activity, Not Bed Rest, Best for Back Pain16 years 20 weeks ago1917
Acupuncture May Provide Benefit in Chronic Lower Back Pain10 years 48 weeks ago2058
Advancing Evidence-Based Spine Surgery9 years 19 weeks ago4546
Advantages of Endoscopic Transforaminal Discectomy for Repeat Disc Removal10 years 37 weeks ago3046
Advantages of Expertise-Based Trials for the Treatment of Low Back Pain10 years 40 weeks ago2263
Advantages of Microendoscopic Discectomy12 years 8 weeks ago2277
Adverse Results of Early Opioid Use for Low Back Pain11 years 17 weeks ago1985
Aerobic Fitness and Chronic Low Back Pain Don't Add Up16 years 12 weeks ago1991
After Lumbar Disc Surgery15 years 47 weeks ago1986
Age and Total Disc Replacements10 years 50 weeks ago2031
Aggressive Approach to Stop Severe Spine Pain16 years 20 weeks ago1725
All Spinal Fusions Are Not Alike15 years 33 weeks ago1670
All-Night Heat May Give Low Back Pain Sufferers All-Day Relief15 years 37 weeks ago1680

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