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Patterns of Spine Fracture From Car Accidents10 years 2 weeks ago4263
Clinical Guideline for Antibiotic Prophylaxis Effective Tool for Surgeons10 years 2 weeks ago3842
Sit-To-Stand: More Difficult When There's Back Pain10 years 3 weeks ago4421
Patient History After Car Accident Doesn't Match Up With Medical Records10 years 3 weeks ago6701
Nationwide Study of Multilevel Cervical Fusion10 years 3 weeks ago5672
Spondylolysis: A More Complete Picture10 years 4 weeks ago2775
Are Sports Activities Linked with Disc Degeneration?10 years 4 weeks ago2411
Scientific Evidence for Physical Therapy to Treat Neck Pain10 years 4 weeks ago3912
Cervical Collars Not Necessarily Helpful After Single-Level Anterior Cervical Fusion with Plate10 years 4 weeks ago3955
Easy Ten-Second Step Test Can Help Assess Severity of Cervical Myelopathy10 years 4 weeks ago4284
Protruded Disc Disease Has Higher Recurrence of Disc Herniation10 years 4 weeks ago2905
Injections Not Proven to Help Relieve Subacute and Chronic Low Back Pain10 years 4 weeks ago2405
Lower Back Pain Frequently Originates Elsewhere10 years 4 weeks ago2560
Percutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation Appears Effective Treatment for Some Types of Lower Back Pain10 years 5 weeks ago2199
Five Key Questions in Diagnosing and Treating Ankylosing Spondylitis10 years 6 weeks ago5127
What You Need to Know About the New ICF Model for Low Back Pain Patients10 years 6 weeks ago3313
The Jury is In: Vertebroplasty Reduces Pain and Improves Function10 years 6 weeks ago3411
Back Pain Continues Despite Advances in Medical Knowledge10 years 6 weeks ago2348
Conservative Care for Neck Fractures in Older Adults10 years 6 weeks ago5635
Does Having Low Back Pain One Time Mean You'll Have It Again?10 years 6 weeks ago2673
Identification and Treatment of Thoracic Spinal Stenosis10 years 6 weeks ago4560
Avoiding Adverse Events Associated with Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery10 years 7 weeks ago6269
Understanding, Diagnosing and Treating Cauda Equina Syndrome10 years 7 weeks ago3025
Trigger Point Therapy: Is It Safe? Does It Work?10 years 7 weeks ago3759
Don't Blame Back Pain on Spinal Joints10 years 7 weeks ago2371
Rare Complication After Spinal Fusion10 years 9 weeks ago6771
Reducing the Risk of Infection After Tumor Removal in the Sacrum10 years 9 weeks ago2879
Putting An End to Chronic Pain After Whiplash Injury10 years 10 weeks ago3960
Arguments Against Biopsychosocial Model of Spine Care10 years 10 weeks ago3590
Risk Factors Identified for Chronic Work Disability10 years 10 weeks ago2399

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