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Surgery Has Superior Outcome in Treatment for Lumbar Disc Herniation10 years 10 weeks ago1988
Spinal Surgery Best Option for Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, and Instability10 years 10 weeks ago2363
So-Called Burned-Out Discs May Be Quite Painful10 years 10 weeks ago2725
Updates From the Orthopedic Spine World10 years 11 weeks ago5266
Physical Therapists Recognizes Need For Emergency Care in Patient with Low Back Pain10 years 11 weeks ago1912
Physical Therapists Rethink Effect of Scapula on Neck Motion10 years 11 weeks ago5695
Spinal Osteotomies Providing Good Functional Outcomes10 years 11 weeks ago3577
Optimal Treatment for Vertebral Burst Fractures10 years 12 weeks ago5049
Work History Is An Important Factor in Disc Replacement10 years 12 weeks ago2139
Is Low Back Pain Caused By Spinal (Facet) Joint Arthritis?10 years 12 weeks ago2373
Physical Therapists Move Ahead With Research to Prevent Chronic Low Back Pain10 years 12 weeks ago1999
Research Shows Need for New Studies on Sacroiliac Joint Pain10 years 12 weeks ago2305
Patient Preference Major Deciding Factor in Lumbar Disc Herniation Treatment10 years 12 weeks ago2138
Physicians Should Keep in Mind Possibility of Butterfly Vertebrae10 years 12 weeks ago8397
Index for Spine Surgery May Be Helpful When Deciding Surgical Approach10 years 12 weeks ago4003
The Effect of Hidden Beliefs on PostWhiplash Syndrome10 years 13 weeks ago3940
Treatment for Back Pain: What Works Best?10 years 13 weeks ago2326
Impairment-Based Physical Therapy Program for Neck Pain10 years 13 weeks ago3643
What Causes Chronic Pain From a Whiplash Injury?10 years 13 weeks ago3561
New Evidence on Acupuncture for Low Back Pain10 years 13 weeks ago2357
Importance of Recognizing Back Pain that Requires Specialized Care10 years 13 weeks ago3553
Watch What You Read About Preventing Back Pain10 years 13 weeks ago2200
Neck Fusion: Which Way Do We Go?10 years 14 weeks ago4527
Generalized Hypoesthesia Occurs After Acute Whiplash10 years 14 weeks ago3674
Spinal Cord Stimulation Reduces Pain From Failed Back Surgery10 years 14 weeks ago3320
New, Targeted Therapies for Arthritis10 years 15 weeks ago3695
Non-specific neck pain, predicting what therapy works.10 years 15 weeks ago3359
Low-Molecular Weight Heparin Best to Prevent Thromboembolism After Spine Surgery10 years 15 weeks ago5413
Farming Life and Back Pain10 years 16 weeks ago2478
Using X-rays to Identify Pelvic Instability10 years 16 weeks ago2364

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