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Does Exercise Really Help People with Low Back Pain?18 years 1 week ago2855
Super-Glued to Exercise: Super Results18 years 1 week ago2863
Back Surgery, the Movie--Coming Soon to a Surgeon's Office Near You18 years 1 week ago2889
Measuring Low Back Pain Disability18 years 1 week ago3492
Spines at Risk: Snowboarders Versus Skiers18 years 1 week ago4060
New Thermal Treatments Put the Heat on Chronic Low Back Pain18 years 4 days ago2258
Getting Golfers Back on Course18 years 4 days ago2591
Tomorrow's Forecast for Back Pain Is . . . Uncertain18 years 4 days ago2176
Bending Over Backwards to Affect Disc Pain in the Low Back18 years 4 days ago5310
New Thoughts to Keep Back Problems from Becoming Chronic18 years 4 days ago2296
Making Butts about Smoking Improves the Chance Smokers Will Quit18 years 4 days ago2316
Bracing the Unbraceable: Boston Brace Shows Positive Results for Large Curves of Scoliosis18 years 4 days ago2900
Back Pain Wears Me Out--or Does It?18 years 4 days ago2438
Doctors Offer a Mixed Bag of Recommendations to Patients with Low Back Pain18 years 4 days ago2100
Putting Low Back Pain in a Box--And Keeping It There18 years 4 days ago2250
This Just In: Myths about Treating Back Pain Are Out18 years 4 days ago2179
Low Back Pain: Is It Picture Perfect?18 years 4 days ago2544
Doctors Add Hands-On Treatments for Low Back Patients18 years 4 days ago2184
Affirmative Nod in Favor of Active Treatments for Chronic Neck Pain18 years 4 days ago2321
Spines Hold Steady after Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy18 years 4 days ago2201
Combinations of Factors Can Increase Risks for Low Back Pain18 years 4 days ago2206
Spine Fusion Surgery in Diabetes Patients18 years 4 days ago3129
Bah, Bah, Back Sheep: Effects of Stimulating Sheep Spines18 years 4 days ago2245
Neck Postures May Pose Risk of Brain Attack at the Hair Salon18 years 4 days ago2808
Slipping Back in Time to Keep Spines from Slipping Forward18 years 4 days ago3158
Quitters Never Win--Except for Smokers Who Need Spine Fusion Surgery18 years 4 days ago2454
Too Far, Too Much, and Too Often: Knowing Safe Limits for the Low Back18 years 4 days ago2397
Neck Burners and Stingers: Getting to the Nerve Root of the Problem18 years 4 days ago2555
Crying Wolf about Low Back Pain17 years 51 weeks ago2449
Surgery or No Surgery? That Is the Question17 years 51 weeks ago2437

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