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Factors Contributing to Disability in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis12 years 12 weeks ago1414
Tugging Hard-to-Find Results of Traction for Low Back Pain15 years 1 week ago1415
Pain Most Prominent Indicator of Ability to Return to Work Following Acute Lower Back Injury11 years 27 weeks ago1415
Spacious Relief for Spinal Stenosis15 years 45 weeks ago1416
Things Heat Up with New Radiofrequency Device for Disc Problems13 years 33 weeks ago1416
First Report of Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement for Disc Herniation13 years 20 weeks ago1416
Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain: Reduce Symptoms and Increase Function12 years 22 weeks ago1416
Recovery after Back Surgery Isn't Always Automatic15 years 26 weeks ago1417
Poor Aerobic Fitness Linked with Low Back Pain12 years 43 weeks ago1417
Getting Beyond Guesswork in Predicting the Course of Low Back Pain15 years 47 weeks ago1418
Physical Therapists Stimulate Thinking about Treatments for Low Back Pain13 years 51 weeks ago1418
Good Care Doesn't Always Mean Good Results for Low Back Pain Patients13 years 10 weeks ago1418
Treatment for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Still Debated13 years 17 hours ago1418
Predicting Disability After Lumbar Disc Surgery12 years 18 weeks ago1418
Use of Patient Education Material Back Book Has Positive Effect on Lower Back Pain Among Elderly11 years 30 weeks ago1418
Updated Review of Acupuncture as a Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain13 years 21 weeks ago1419
Spine Exercises Shown to Improve Function, without Changes in Muscle Fatigue15 years 4 weeks ago1419
FDA Keeps Tabs on Approved Devices for Spinal Fusion13 years 35 weeks ago1419
Getting to the Core of Exercises for Low Back Pain13 years 25 weeks ago1419
Using Disc Space Height to Predict Outcome of Spinal Fusion13 years 5 weeks ago1419
Repositioning Test Is Not Useful For Low Back Pain12 years 11 weeks ago1419
No Consensus So Far on Best Way to Prevent Disability Following Back Injury11 years 33 weeks ago1419
Can Back Pain Prevention Programs Reduce Economic Losses From Lower Back Pain Injuries?11 years 33 weeks ago1419
Delivering Helpful Strategies for Pelvic Pain after Pregnancy16 years 14 weeks ago1420
Supercharged Results after Failed Lumbar Fusion14 years 38 weeks ago1420
Measuring Results of Treatment for Back Pain14 years 27 weeks ago1420
Back Schools: How Much Does Your Back Really Learn?13 years 4 weeks ago1420
Transferring Low Back Pain Research Results to Clinical Practice12 years 22 weeks ago1420
Choosing before Fusing: Alternate Surgery Possible for Degenerative Spine Slippage16 years 3 weeks ago1421
Understanding the Link between Low Back Pain and Distress15 years 22 weeks ago1421

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