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My mother fell and broke two bones in her spine between T11 and L2. The doctor told us this is the most common place for these kinds of compression fractures. Why is this?14 years 46 weeks ago1934
My mother fell and fractured her spine about two months ago. Despite drugs for pain and physical therapy exercises (which she doesn't do), she hasn't gotten any better. In fact, she's slowly losing her ability to get up and down off the toilet. What can we do?12 years 43 weeks ago1767
My mother fell and fractured her spine in six places. She has such fragile bones they can't do a fusion or put a rod in her spine to hold it in place. The doctors talked about doing a vertebroplasty. They think it should be staged in two or three operations. Why can't they just do it all at one time?13 years 2 weeks ago1790
My mother fell and hurt her back six months ago. She's tried everything to ease the pain. Last week she had an MRI that showed a vertebral compression fracture. Is it too late for her to have the new cement treatment to glue it back together?12 years 36 weeks ago1881
My mother fell this week and started having severe back pain about three days later. X-rays showed two rib fractures and a vertebral compression fracture. She can hardly get out of bed because of the pain. She's 86-years old. Can anything be done to help her?12 years 17 weeks ago2153
My mother had osteoporosis in her later years. She often complained about getting shorter. Is there a connection?16 years 46 weeks ago1837
My mother has a hump in the upper part of her back. She said her upper back hurts constantly because of it. Her mother also had the same problem. Is there any way I can avoid this, or am I genetically destined to end up with a hump like hers?17 years 29 weeks ago2354
My mother just came back from the doctor's office. She says she has a "giant" herniated disc in the middle of her back. Is she exaggerating or is this a real medical term?13 years 13 weeks ago1814
My mother's doctor wants to inject cement into her back to help her with her pain. He says that my mother has fractured discs and that the cement will help keep them stable. Will this hurt and how is it done?10 years 13 weeks ago2321
My mother's doctor wants to inject her back with medication with an epidural injection to help relieve her back pain. I'm really worried about the potential problems. What can go wrong?10 years 36 weeks ago1894
My mother-in-law is having her second back operation in two months. The first took pressure off her lumbar spine. The second is to remove a tumor in her upper back, which was really causing the problems. Right now she is paralyzed from the waist down. Will she recover from this?15 years 2 weeks ago1822
My sister says she's got a problem called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome with neck and arm pain. Sometimes there's numbness and tingling in her hand. I suspect she is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. Can this syndrome be caused by physical abuse?13 years 6 weeks ago1806
My surgeon told me one drawback to the cement they injected into my spine is leakage. Fortunately that didn't happen to me. How do they know how much to put in?12 years 3 weeks ago1735
My teen's wearing a brace for scoliosis. Does time spent in the brace affect how well it works?16 years 46 weeks ago1819
My wife is going to have a vertebroplasty for a vertebral compression fracture. The surgical nurse and the surgeon both went over the possible problems that can develop after such a procedure. I forgot to ask how soon after the operation would we expect to see a problem develop? Is it right away? Months later?11 years 21 weeks ago1827
My wife is off work with a burst fracture of the spine. She only works part-time, so she doesn't have any sick leave. I lost my job six weeks ago, so this really puts us in a financial bind. How long does an injury like this take to heal?9 years 19 weeks ago3762
Our 16-year-old son is going to have spinal surgery for Scheuermann's disease. I know there are complications possible with any operation. What can happen after this one? My family thinks I worry too much. But I prefer to know what to expect and prepare for the worst.11 years 8 weeks ago2134
Our 17-year old son has been wearing a brace for three years for Scheuermann's disease. It doesn't seem to be helping. How do we know when it's time for surgery?13 years 10 weeks ago2094
Our 17-year-old son has a condition called Scheuermann's disease. The doctor has advised surgery to fuse his upper back. How much correction will he get?12 years 29 weeks ago2176
Our 45-year old son had decompressive surgery on his spine for a condition called OPLL. Right after the operation his legs were numb. He's back in surgery now. Can this kind of paralysis be reversed?12 years 26 weeks ago2152
Our nephew was in a terrible motorcyle and broke the middle of his spine in half. He had a six-hour surgery to put screws in place to hold the spine upright while it heals. He's up walking already and not even using a brace. We're more than a little concerned about this. Shouldn't he have some kind of external support?10 years 34 weeks ago1926
Our son has been treated with serial casting and now a body brace for Scheuermann's deformity. The curve continues to get worse. We've been told that surgery is the next step. How do we know when the best time is for surgery? Is it possible to wait too long? Operate too soon?11 years 10 weeks ago2216
We are just a little disappointed in the results of surgery our son had for Scheuermann's disease. At the time of the fusion, he was 16. Now at age 22, he has developed another curve above the fusion. What causes this to happen? Does it happen often?11 years 8 weeks ago1877
We just came from the orthopedic surgeon's office where my husband was told he has a vertebral compression fracture. He's going to have a vertebroplasty. The nurse reviewed all of the possible complications. It seemed like she talked the most about cement leakage. How often does this happen, and why is it such a problem?11 years 11 weeks ago1902
What is a cervical rib? Our pediatrician says this may be what's causing my son's neck and arm pain. How can a rib cause arm pain?11 years 30 weeks ago1925
What is a clefted vertebral fracture? My mother's hospital bill just came to us with this as the diagnosis. I know she had a vertebroplasty for her spine. Is that how they treat whatever this problem is?14 years 1 week ago1776
What is a vertebral compression fracture? How is it treated?16 years 50 weeks ago2244
What is thoracic outlet syndrome?17 years 48 weeks ago2206
What's a "meningioma?" My daughter was diagnosed with this and is going to have an operation to remove it.15 years 2 weeks ago1941
What's the difference between vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty for spine fractures?14 years 1 week ago2013

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