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What is thoracic outlet syndrome?17 years 48 weeks ago2206
I've heard that thoracic outlet syndrome is caused by an extra cervical rib. Why won't my doctor just remove the rib?17 years 48 weeks ago3327
I was told I have scoliosis and snapping scapula. Are the two somehow related?17 years 46 weeks ago3565
I've had pain and tingling in my left arm for several months. I've been to several doctors, and they've run all kinds of tests. They're not sure, but they think I have thoracic outlet syndrome. Isn't there a test that can show for certain that this is my problem?17 years 46 weeks ago3696
My doctor told me that I've got problems with thoracic outlet syndrome because I hunch over at my work bench all day. I assemble small electronic parts. My attempts to stay upright don't last very long. Before I know it, I'm hunched over again. How can I keep from slouching at work?17 years 46 weeks ago1970
I am a 33-year-old hairdresser with thoracic outlet syndrome. I've tried medications and exercise, but the pain just keeps getting worse. Is there else anything I can do, short of having surgery?17 years 46 weeks ago4233
I have tingling and pain that shoots from my shoulder to my hand whenever I grip or lift things. My doctor thinks I have thoracic outlet syndrome. Will I need surgery, or are there other ways to treat my problem?17 years 46 weeks ago3605
I am an avid and lifelong swimmer. Recently, I have developed thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS). I have heard that swimming is good therapy. Is swimming OK for someone with TOS?17 years 46 weeks ago4886
Both my parents and one of my grandparents have osteoarthritis. My upper back is really painful. Could this be from osteoarthritis too?17 years 40 weeks ago3051
My mother has a hump in the upper part of her back. She said her upper back hurts constantly because of it. Her mother also had the same problem. Is there any way I can avoid this, or am I genetically destined to end up with a hump like hers?17 years 29 weeks ago2354
My know-it-all neighbor said that the large hump in the upper part of my spine is from bad posture. I had excellent posture until my seventies, and then this stooping gradually developed. Can I tell her that she's wrong? Or, heaven forbid, is she right?17 years 29 weeks ago2027
I have a job that involves a lot of heavy lifting. How can I avoid low back pain?17 years 13 weeks ago3009
I have a compression fracture in my spine. I've tried bed rest and pain medications. I just can't seem to shake the pain. Are there other treatments out there?16 years 50 weeks ago3465
My doctor says my osteoporosis puts me at risk for spinal injuries. I'm 70 and not very active. What kind of problems do I need to watch out for?16 years 50 weeks ago1815
What is a vertebral compression fracture? How is it treated?16 years 50 weeks ago2244
I have ongoing problems with thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS). I've seen several doctors and tried physical therapy over the past six months. My X-rays are normal, and I'm an otherwise healthy 33-year-old mother of three. Is there a reliable surgery that can improve my quality of daily life?16 years 46 weeks ago3516
I am 28 and was recently diagnosed with a thoracic compression fracture in the lower part of my mid-back. I have been wearing a back brace for six weeks and still feel pain. My doctor said surgery wouldn't help. What can I do now? Will I always be in pain?16 years 46 weeks ago3729
My teen's wearing a brace for scoliosis. Does time spent in the brace affect how well it works?16 years 46 weeks ago1819
My 12-year-old daughter has scoliosis with large curves in her spine. Our doctor wants her to wear a brace. Will her age affect whether bracing works?16 years 46 weeks ago2258
My daughter has a fairly severe case of scoliosis. Her doctor wants her to wear a brace but says surgery may eventually be needed. I don't want to put my daughter through any unnecessary treatment. Is there a way to tell ahead of time whether the brace will work?16 years 46 weeks ago1882
My mother had osteoporosis in her later years. She often complained about getting shorter. Is there a connection?16 years 46 weeks ago1837
I have a compression fracture in my spine due to osteoporosis. The fracture has caused my spine to hunch forward, and I'm in pain all the time. I prefer not to take pain medicine because it makes me so groggy and constipated. Is there anything else I can do?16 years 45 weeks ago3068
My 15-year-old son had surgery three months ago for scoliosis. He has finished his physical therapy program and continues to do exercises at home. When can he return to sports activities?16 years 43 weeks ago2148
I saw a newspaper article about a new way to repair broken bones in the spine. The doctors use cement squirted into the main part of the bone. They used two different words to name the operation: vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty. What's the difference?15 years 2 weeks ago3147
I had a lumbar laminectomy for back and leg pain. A week after the operation my symptoms were much worse with the added problem of bladder problems. After more testing, it looks like the problem is really higher up in the thoracic spine. I've been told the first operation was necessary to show the problem more clearly. Is this just some specialist covering for a mistake?15 years 2 weeks ago3879
What's a "meningioma?" My daughter was diagnosed with this and is going to have an operation to remove it.15 years 2 weeks ago1941
My mother-in-law is having her second back operation in two months. The first took pressure off her lumbar spine. The second is to remove a tumor in her upper back, which was really causing the problems. Right now she is paralyzed from the waist down. Will she recover from this?15 years 2 weeks ago1822
My father fell and broke his back. The doctor called it a "minor compression fracture." We notice when he is lying down in bed, he looks straight. When he sits or stands, he's slumped forward. Should he be wearing a brace?14 years 46 weeks ago1904
I had a bad bike accident while out riding with my little granddaughter. I broke my wrist and one vertebra (T12). It's been three months and my wrist has healed nicely, but my spine shows increased deformity on X-ray. What is causing this?14 years 46 weeks ago3340
My mother fell and broke two bones in her spine between T11 and L2. The doctor told us this is the most common place for these kinds of compression fractures. Why is this?14 years 46 weeks ago1934

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