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What is a cervical rib? Our pediatrician says this may be what's causing my son's neck and arm pain. How can a rib cause arm pain?11 years 34 weeks ago1936
Our nephew was in a terrible motorcyle and broke the middle of his spine in half. He had a six-hour surgery to put screws in place to hold the spine upright while it heals. He's up walking already and not even using a brace. We're more than a little concerned about this. Shouldn't he have some kind of external support?10 years 38 weeks ago1937
My father had a kyphoplasty yesterday for back pain caused by a vertebral compression fracture. This morning he's complaining of worse pain and leg weakness. He can hardly stand up. We're waiting for the doctor to check him out. Is this a common problem after the surgery?11 years 25 weeks ago1941
My mother fell and broke two bones in her spine between T11 and L2. The doctor told us this is the most common place for these kinds of compression fractures. Why is this?14 years 50 weeks ago1943
What's a "meningioma?" My daughter was diagnosed with this and is going to have an operation to remove it.15 years 6 weeks ago1950
My 13-year old daughter has just been diagnosed with Scheuermann's disease. She's going to have to wear a brace. What can we expect for results with this treatment?13 years 15 weeks ago1954
My doctor told me that I've got problems with thoracic outlet syndrome because I hunch over at my work bench all day. I assemble small electronic parts. My attempts to stay upright don't last very long. Before I know it, I'm hunched over again. How can I keep from slouching at work?17 years 50 weeks ago1982
My 78-year old uncle lives with us. He had a vertebroplasty for a spine fracture two weeks ago. At first he felt much better but now he's starting to complain of pain again. Was the surgery a failure?13 years 36 weeks ago2004
My 83-year old father is going to have a vertebroplasty for two fractured vertebrae. The doctor has warned us there's a risk of re-fracture. Is that from the procedure or just because he's already frail?14 years 5 weeks ago2005
What's the difference between vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty for spine fractures?14 years 5 weeks ago2024
My know-it-all neighbor said that the large hump in the upper part of my spine is from bad posture. I had excellent posture until my seventies, and then this stooping gradually developed. Can I tell her that she's wrong? Or, heaven forbid, is she right?17 years 33 weeks ago2038
Our 17-year old son has been wearing a brace for three years for Scheuermann's disease. It doesn't seem to be helping. How do we know when it's time for surgery?13 years 15 weeks ago2106
Is it OK to have a significant kyphosis where my spine was fractured two years ago?10 years 28 weeks ago2133
Our 16-year-old son is going to have spinal surgery for Scheuermann's disease. I know there are complications possible with any operation. What can happen after this one? My family thinks I worry too much. But I prefer to know what to expect and prepare for the worst.11 years 12 weeks ago2144
My 82-year old grandmother has osteoporosis in all her bones. Her spine is especially prone to fracture. She's in so much pain, all she wants to do is lie down and not move. Will rest help?12 years 25 weeks ago2149
My 15-year-old son had surgery three months ago for scoliosis. He has finished his physical therapy program and continues to do exercises at home. When can he return to sports activities?16 years 47 weeks ago2159
My mother fell this week and started having severe back pain about three days later. X-rays showed two rib fractures and a vertebral compression fracture. She can hardly get out of bed because of the pain. She's 86-years old. Can anything be done to help her?12 years 22 weeks ago2161
Our 45-year old son had decompressive surgery on his spine for a condition called OPLL. Right after the operation his legs were numb. He's back in surgery now. Can this kind of paralysis be reversed?12 years 31 weeks ago2164
Our 17-year-old son has a condition called Scheuermann's disease. The doctor has advised surgery to fuse his upper back. How much correction will he get?12 years 34 weeks ago2191
What is thoracic outlet syndrome?18 years 3 days ago2218
Our son has been treated with serial casting and now a body brace for Scheuermann's deformity. The curve continues to get worse. We've been told that surgery is the next step. How do we know when the best time is for surgery? Is it possible to wait too long? Operate too soon?11 years 14 weeks ago2232
What is a vertebral compression fracture? How is it treated?17 years 2 weeks ago2255
My 12-year-old daughter has scoliosis with large curves in her spine. Our doctor wants her to wear a brace. Will her age affect whether bracing works?16 years 50 weeks ago2264
My mother's doctor wants to inject cement into her back to help her with her pain. He says that my mother has fractured discs and that the cement will help keep them stable. Will this hurt and how is it done?10 years 17 weeks ago2334
My mother has a hump in the upper part of her back. She said her upper back hurts constantly because of it. Her mother also had the same problem. Is there any way I can avoid this, or am I genetically destined to end up with a hump like hers?17 years 33 weeks ago2367
My aging aunt lives with us. At 92, she's still pretty spry. But last week, she couldn't get out of bed because of back pain. The doctor says she has a compression fracture of the spine. They said this can happen just turning over in bed. But Aunt Millie is really very strong. Is it possible she did something to cause this? Maybe a fall that she doesn't want us to know about?10 years 6 weeks ago2612
Every now and then I have a bout of back pain. It comes on suddenly, lasts a week or two, and then goes away. I don't really want to take drugs, but I need some kind of pain relief. What do you suggest?14 years 50 weeks ago2911
I have a job that involves a lot of heavy lifting. How can I avoid low back pain?17 years 17 weeks ago3025
I'm going to have surgery to remove part of the big ligament along the back of my spine. The section from T6 to T8 has turned to bone. The surgeon has warned me that paralysis is a possibility with this operation. Can I do anything ahead of time to prevent this from happening?12 years 31 weeks ago3041
Both my parents and one of my grandparents have osteoarthritis. My upper back is really painful. Could this be from osteoarthritis too?17 years 44 weeks ago3064

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